The Taboo of Cursing

CursingEveryone does it. Well, a lot of people do it.

Cursing is something we are taught from a very young age not to do, but so many of us do it in our older age anyway. For some of us, it just feels good. It feels good to release our emotions in the form of these words. For others, it’s just second nature. Some of us have been exposed to it for so long that we barely consider them choice words anymore. These words just become another part of our everyday vocabulary.

Many girls, despite valiant efforts to uphold a ladylike appearance, sometimes just have to let out a curse word. It’s human nature. But, does this (at times) uncontrollable urge to let loose turn off guys?

For some, it isn’t so much the curse words. It’s the poor language skills overall that really turn a guy off.

Junior Alex Duncan says “I’m personally indifferent,” when it comes to girls letting a curse word or two slip.

“What’s more frustrating to me than swearing or the use of explicative language is the overuse of the word ‘like.’ If someone says ‘like’ in every other word, I find that I’m much more off put to speak to them than if they say any number of curse words,” Duncan explains.

Cursing is a natural reaction to certain situations for both girls and guys. And most times, it’s understandable. Unnecessary or excessive swearing is certainly unpleasant for anyone to hear, regardless of sex. But, since it is still such a common occurrence among so many people, it has come to be more accepted.

“I don’t care. I cuss a sh*t ton too and if she can handle the amount that I cuss than I can probably handle the amount that she cusses, too,” Sophomore Pat Flaharty says of girls.

“Sometimes if a girl is like ‘f*ck that sh*t,’ then that’s kind of cool. She’s a little more down to earth in my opinion,” Flaharty adds.

Cursing has become such a subjective issue that it truly differs from person to person. Some males may find a woman dropping curse words to be offensive or unattractive, while other guys simply don’t care. It all depends on personal preference.

If you are the kind of person who curses often without much thought on the matter, look for someone who is the same way.

For some people, cursing is a part of their personality. They can’t help it. So, look for a guy who can relate to that and who can refrain from getting mad when you let out the occasional cuss word.

Maybe not every guy can deal with cursing, but there are certainly guys who can. The same goes for girls. Everyone has their own approach and acceptance level of swearing, so just be on the lookout for someone whose level matches your own. This way, the cursing “playing field” is even for the two of you and everyone can truly say what they want without worrying about being offensive.


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