The Single Girls of State: Spring Cleaning

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Breaking news! We have entered the time of year where State College is not only bearable, but many would argue, kind of . . . magical! The HUB lawn is covered with people, the sidewalks of campus are filled with students smiling like idiots, and we are at the point of the semester where nothing important is due for at least another week. Right now, the only thing any of us should be worried about is how we are going to secure a table for eight at Café.

Unfortunately, what we should be doing and what we are doing — those are two very different things. With this kind of weather comes the pressing issue of finding someone to share your extra hour of sunshine with. I say that transitional times call for transitional measures. As we all look forward to the better half of the year, it’s time each of us sits down and evaluates the people we are talking to — it’s time for spring cleaning. 

Between your Snapchat roster and your Tinder match lineup, how many of these guys have the potential for what you are looking for? These are the important (and difficult) questions. I am a firm believer in time management, so talking to the guy that’s looking to get married in the next year, well, that would be a waste of everyone’s time. If you know it’s not going anywhere, regardless of how cute they are, it may be time for the unadd/unmatch. 

Once you sit down and clean out your phone, think about restarting your dating apps altogether. This happens to be one of my very favorite pastimes, and it is a great way to refresh, recharge and regenerate your confidence! Sharpay Evans once said, “out with the old and in with the new,” and if there’s one thing I have learned in my life, it’s that Sharpay Evans wasn’t ever wrong about anything.

Something I have been struggling with in the last few weeks is what to do after unintentionally clearing my own roster. Sometimes, without realizing it, you start talking to someone that you… like. When you only care about talking to one person, it’s inevitable that you pull away from the people you once had saved for later. Now, through no fault but your own, your backups are no more.

I’ve realized, against all of my better judgment, I want to move forward. But now what? How do you say to the person you’re talking to, “let’s talk about where this is going?” I mean I know how you say it, but how do you exit talking limbo without completely demolishing the work you put into seeming like you don’t care about anything ever? I’m torn between sending a drunk text, asking face-to-face or not doing anything at all because let’s face it — I give advice, but who knows if I’ll follow it. I’m unsure what it is about spring that has me in such a state. Hay fever? Who knows?

But for now, I recommend opening your windows and tidying up. Let me know what you think is the best way to get out of the “talking” stage and if you decide to clean out your dating apps. DM, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram! Until next week!


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