The Sexy, the Gross and the Scary: Making Your Scary Costume Ideas Cute

meangirlsOne of the reasons that Halloween is so awesome is because of the creative freedom. For one night a year, you can disguise yourself as whatever you want to be and show off your creative side to all of your friends.

When it comes to costumes, we have seen it all – the good the bad and the ugly (or should we say the sexy, the gross and the scary). There are tons of options out there in the sexy category, but what if you want to go a different route? Dressing as certain characters or creatures is a huge trend right now and although stepping out of your comfort zone may seem intimidating, there are tons of ways to keep cute while dressing fiercely. Most ladies like to look good for their parties and pictures, and luckily we have some tricks and treats on how to take a creative spin on your gross or scary costume ideas to keep them attractive.


Blood is both scary and gross, making it a must-have for many of these costumes. Zombies, vampires or the go-to killer bride could all be enhanced with a little fake blood in the form of lipstick. Instead of buying messy “blood” from the Halloween store, use your favorite red lipstick to create the illusion. Arms, face, and chest are all perfect places to apply it with the finishing touch on your lips. Friends will know exactly what you’re going for, but your pop of color will keep you pretty. In my opinion, red lipstick is always a good idea.

Dark Eye Makeup

Let’s face it – the undead have major bags under their eyes and anyone who hasn’t had their morning coffee yet knows that bags aren’t cute. What is cute, however, is smoky eye makeup. To set the tone for your scary or evil costume, apply some darkness to your eyelids. You can take a more elaborate route if you have a knack for makeup, or just apply some plain black. Either way, the makeup creates a dramatic effect and will enhance your costume in the cutest way possible.


When it comes to Halloween, we have a ton of flexibility with clothing. Buying costumes is always an option, but the creative freedom you get when putting pieces together is where the real fun happens! Even if you plan on being something on the creepier side, you can keep it trendy and fashionable. Try a form-fitting dress or load up on accessories. Wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy! The more comfortable you look, the better you will feel.

So while all of your friends are going as kittens, you have the power and the bravery to take a step out of the box and do something different. Grab your best friend and go as the twins from “The Shining”or take a lesson from this season of “American Horror Story” and be a killer clown. Put a twist on the basic Vampire costume and turn up the fear factor this year. No matter what, you will master the costume! Take one part cute, mix one part scary and viola! Horrifyingly adorable.


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