The Secrets Behind a Great New Year’s Resolution

With the arrival of the New Year comes the dreaded thought of creating a New Year’s resolution that will hopefully stick for the upcoming year. Valley understands the struggle of creating and following great New Year’s resolutions and decided to reveal the two biggest secrets of successful resolutions: 1) starting small, and 2) putting your happiness before all else. These tricks may seem easier said than done, but trust Valley to steer you in the right direction.

The goal of 2017 should revolve around always focusing on the individual and his or her needs in a way that benefits said individual without screwing over other people. According to Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass, “screwing someone over is taking their money and doing a lousy job or destroying their water source, not your mother being disappointed… or your friends being outraged.” If you can avoid the extremes of hurting others, then you’re free to focus on you! 2017 should be the year of you loving yourself and doing things that make you happy and bring joy.

In order to achieve this “Golden Resolution,” you have to start small. Every person tries to start the New Year with a set main goal, but many forget the steps they must take to achieve this goal, or what comes between the start and finish. This method, unfortunately, tends to result in disappointment and failure to achieve the goal.

If exercising and eating healthier happen to be your goals for the New Year, then, by all means, strive to achieve them. Valley encourages every person to shoot for the stars and do great things without biting off more than you can chew.

Start with a plan to complete each of your goals, and write it down to keep as a reference. If your preferred type of exercise is running, start with a mile and work your way up to your goal. Decide what healthy foods you’ll incorporate into your diet, and which unhealthy foods you’ll cut out. Then, take action. You can do anything you set your mind to but be careful not to overwhelm yourself before you’ve even begun.

Every resolution you make for 2017 should focus on satisfying your individual needs and creating your own happiness.

Emily Delor, a freshman, says, “Since junior year of high school, I’ve been told that my happiness should be one of my number one priorities. Once I moved to the happiest of valleys, this idea of self-happiness became more important to me. Not everyone is going to have my own interests in situations, sometimes not even my friends, so my ultimate New Year’s resolution is to put myself first.”

You won’t be able to become the person you’re meant to be if you don’t focus on yourself and your own happiness.

Make it a goal of yours to do something every day for at least 20 minutes that you love. The activity can be a hobby – such as singing, reading or drawing – or you could decide to catch up on your Netflix shows. Either way, your ultimate goal should be to find an activity or two every day which focuses all of your energy on yourself.

These tips should make it slightly easier to deal with the dreaded time of New Year’s resolutions. The “Golden Resolution,” to love yourself, should be easier to achieve now that you know to start small and put your happiness before all else. You have to love yourself. After all, you’re the only you there is.