The Power Of The Pant Suit

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The pantsuit has long idealized a powerful woman in business. In the past, women were constrained by society to wearing skirts and dresses. Today, the business suit is still a symbol to women about breaking molds and making a name for themselves. Although the pantsuit still holds all its symbolic glory, not everyone wants the pantsuit to be their only source of powerful, workday fashion. There are plenty of options to change up your look, yet still look professional and ready to tackle any task.


When a woman thinks “pantsuit,” typically the idea that comes to mind is plain, black business pants. It is important to own a pair, however, you don’t need one for every day of the week. A great alternative is getting different colors and cuts. A color change can be a simple move that really makes a statement, as long as the color wouldn’t seem obnoxious or inappropriate in the workplace.

The cut or style of your pants can make a big difference, too. There are more fitted pants or loose bootcut looks. Whatever your preference, it may be worth getting different styles to mix it up.

Another trend that has been a great addition to the workday wardrobe is the paper-bag waist pants. They have a tie at the waistband which pulls the look together. This look can come high-waisted, as well. It may seem like a minimal difference, but it can definitely make an outfit go from bland to a standout look.


Suit jackets are commonly thought of as a black or grey jacket with not much character, however, you can use colors to mix up the look.

Jackets differ in length as well. Longer jackets work best with dresses or skirts.When considering what would go best with pants there are two good options: a regular length jacket best fitted to your height, or a shorter jacket to add subtle flair. The shorter jacket looks best with high-waisted pants, so maybe consider the paper-bag option. A classic suit jacket is pretty universal and can go with anything, plus it is a necessity of any businesswoman.


Shirts don’t have to be a predictable button-up. Blouses are a great option and extremely comfortable when paired with a suit jacket. They come in different cuts and styles, some with different patterns, as well. They are so common that you can get yourself a variety of good blouses at most retail stores, and hopefully, you can find yourself a good deal.

If you used to think of the business button-up as boxy and unflattering look that wasn’t for you, it has recently seen a bit of a makeover — brands are playing with lengths, colors and fits. Consider doing a quick Google search or go around to local retail stores. Try on something that looks different or out of your comfort zone. You might be pleasantly surprised with the new workday look you’ve found for yourself.


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