The Naked 3: Overrated or Worth It?

UnknownYou know it’s a big deal when you type “naked” into the google search bar, and the first thing that comes up in the options is “Naked 3 Palette.” But why is this eye shadow such a big deal? It all started about 4 years ago…

I was junior year of high school when I found the beauty product love of my life: the original Naked Palette. It was given to me as a birthday gift from my best friend because as much as I wanted it, I was hesitant to spend $50 of my own money on eye shadow. However, I soon learned that once you go Naked… you can never go back.

With merely twelve bronze-hued shades, I can produce a casual daytime look or a killer smokey eye. The high quality pigments are long-lasting. This makes the expensive price worth it. Last night, my eye shadow looked great. And it was done by the same Naked Palette that I got four years ago.

After its release, the craze started. Other people fell in love too, making The Naked Palette an all-time eye shadow bestseller. Urban Decay was pressured to expand upon their Naked line. Soon, the second edition palette was released. The price even went up to $52. This second edition has a range of twelve taupe-hued shadows. Naked 2 flew off the shelves, making it another all-time makeup bestseller.

The quality of the eye shadow was still top notch. However, many complained that the Naked 2 was a bit too similar to the original palette, and they couldn’t justify paying another $52 for the same set of eye shadows. So, Urban Decay kept producing. They released a “basics” palette, with only 6 signature neutral shades. Also, they expanded into the face makeup arena with their Naked foundation and concealer.

Urban Decay has created a makeup dynasty. That is why the release of the third edition palette, The Naked 3, was so buzzed about. I received emails from Sephora, Ulta and even Urban Outfitters, counting down to the palette’s release date as if it was going to be the biggest thing to happen this year. And maybe it is—in the makeup world, at least. The new edition has 12 rose-hued shades. The shadows are a bit pink and will be able to create a neutral doe-eyed look and also a new twist on nighttime makeup.

The Naked 3 is a definite on my Christmas list. It may be difficult to explain the price to my mom Santa, but I can justify it by saying that my original Naked Palette has lasted for over four years. That makes the fifty-two dollar price worth it.

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