The Hottest Graphic Knitwear Right Now

Photo posted by @kinaandtam on Instagram

Graphic knitwear is one of the coziest and most fashionable trends right now. The concept of wearable art is something that people have worked into different mediums for decades. To the individual wearer, fashion is a tool with a variety of different uses. Graphic knitwear has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its layering ability. Depending on the material used to make it or the size of the garment, it can be comfortable to wear solo or on top of a layering piece like a plain white t-shirt.

Knitwear can be made through multiple methods. Cut and Sew, Panel Knitting, Full Fashion and Knit to Wear are ways to manufacture these designs. Hand knitting is a common method used with sustainable brands. Employees will sit and physically knit the garment with their hands or other tools. This production can be done with a team or from home.

Below are some of VALLEY’s favorite brands to produce stylish graphic knitwear in the recent season.

1. Kina and Tam
Photo posted by @dootjeontheroad on Instagram
2. Shop Cider
Photo posted by @shopcider on Instagram
3. Zara
Photo from
Photo posted by @rahquisebowen on Instagram
5. Lazy Oaf
Photo posted by @natashahmedx on Instagram
6. House of Sunny
Photo posted by @maddylandry on Instagram

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