The Guide to the Five-Minute Shower

JessicaKorch.5minshowerThis time of year, indulging in a long, hot shower or bath is a common guilty pleasure. But when you’re hogging the only shower in your apartment, constantly running late or causing your dorm-mates to get together to plot a not-so-nice end to your everlasting showers, it may be time to cut back a little.

These five tips will help you get in and get out a little faster in the mornings:

Rid the Clutter. Lots of bottles in the shower caddy or in the shower can really slow you down if you have to pick through everything to get to the important stuff. For busy mornings, have a separate area or caddy with just the essentials.

Skip some suds. If you washed your face the night before, you’ve already gotten rid of the pore-clogging dirt, oil and makeup. In the mornings, sometimes it isn’t necessary to wash your face as meticulously, because you haven’t been exposed to as many elements yet. A quick swipe with clean water or a cleansing cloth will have you refreshed in an instant. Neutrogena has oil-free cleansing wipes for about $8 and Olay has a variety of cloths for different skin types for $5. Just wipe and go!

Killer combos. Try combining some of your products by using shampoo/ conditioner combos or shampoo/body wash combos. California Baby has shampoo and body wash with a soothing tea tree and lavender scent for about $13. A classic combo is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps All-One liquid and bar soaps in eight refreshing scents. The bonus with Dr. Bronner is you get 18 different uses from yep – one soap.

Turn down the heat. Everyone loves a nice, hot shower to start off the day. Little did you know, prolonged heat dries out the skin before you even step foot into the crisp winter air. Dial back the temp to more of a lukewarm. You’ll still get clean without wanting to stand there for hours under the hot

Reward yourself. After a successful quick shower, it’s nice to have a few extra minutes to get ready for the day. Take a few extra minutes to grab coffee, breakfast or take a few minutes to focus on a new makeup or wardrobe look.

The tradeoff is worth it – now the only thing you’ll have to figure out is how you’ll share your shower singing with the world outside your usual venue.

Photo by Jessica Korch

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