The Great Candy Corn Debate

It’s considered an essential symbol of Halloween with its yellow, orange. and white stripes. But despite how iconic it is, candy corn isn’t too loved. Most people either love or hate it, and most people hate it.

VALLEY asked  31 students what they thought of candy corn. 25 students didn’t like it, 5 students liked it, and one student couldn’t decide. Ask around and you’ll find that these results are pretty consistent with the general population. Candy corn, regardless of its fame, is more hated than loved.

Why the hate though? According to sophomore Luke Zengel, “candy corn is way too sweet in a nasty way. Even just smelling it grosses me out.”

It’s no surprise that candy corn is so sweet. It’s mostly made up of dextrose and corn syrup. Vegetarians should beware though: most brands of it also contain gelatin, which comes from animal cartilage and bones. It’s what gives candy corn its chewy texture.

Still, candy corn is undeniably a big part of Halloween. It even is the number one Halloween candy in Michigan! And unlike a lot of candy, it’s actually fat free.

Grad student Martina Guenzi is a defender of the Halloween classic. She tells VALLEY, “I love it! But I would never eat more than five or six at once.”

A serving of candy corn is actually way higher than Martina’s estimate of five or six. An official serving of candy corn is 19 pieces, which is 140 calories. Compare that to 231 calories in a packet of skittles. For a sweet treat, candy corn is on the healthy side.

While most students hate candy corn, the students in favor of it have valid points. Do you love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments!


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