The Four “I”s in January

Now that the first month of the year has come to a close, it is time to reflect on how the events of January have already impacted the year. Infamously, these events are coming to be known as the “Four “I”s of January.”

1. Jan. 6, 2021: Insurrection

Insurrection is defined as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” Following President Biden’s election victory, former President Trump encouraged his supporters to protest the election results and attempt to stop the verification of the election results. On the first Wednesday of the month, many of Trump’s supporters gathered at the National Mall for a rally with the intention of doing just that.

Trump urged his supporters to go to the Capitol to show their strength. Violence broke out and five people died. By 2 p.m., the rioters had reached the doors of the Capitol and entered the halls of the Senate. Congress’s session was paused for member’s safety, and the building was declared safe three hours later. 

2. Jan. 13, 2021: Impeachment

On the second Wednesday in January, Congress accused Trump of “incitement of insurrection.” Articles of impeachment began in the House of Representatives, and impeachment requires a simple majority vote to pass into the Senate. This impeachment is particularly historic not only because it was the second time Trump had been impeached by the House but also because ten Republican Congress members voted in favor of impeachment.

The ten Republicans are Rep. Liz Cheney, Rep. Tom Rice, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Rep. Dan Newhouse, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Rep. Fred Upton, Rep. John Katko, Rep. Peter Meijer and Rep. David Valadao.

Tweet posted by @RepTomRice
3. January 20, 2021: Inauguration

On the third Wednesday in January, President Biden was inaugurated and became the 46th president of the United States. The ceremony itself began at 11:30 a.m. with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem. Vice President Kamala Harris was sworn in first, followed by the new president, who gave his inaugural address. Among many things, Biden made promises to the American people.

“A cry for racial justice some 400 years in the making moves us. The dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer,” said Biden.

4. Jan. 27, 2021: Innovation

In less than a week, President Biden signed 33 executive orders. The president rejoined the Paris Agreement and reversed President Trump’s “Muslim ban.” On Jan. 27 at a press conference, Biden said, “Today is ‘Climate Day’ at the White House and — which means that today is ‘Jobs Day’ at the White House.” Biden said that the new climate plans will create one million new jobs in the American automobile industry. To read more about Biden’s innovations, visit The White House.

January has already marked a year of unprecedented events, all coincidentally marked with the letter: “I.” Moving forward, VALLEY will continue coverage and conversation on these events.


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