The dos and don’ts of St. Patrick’s Day fashion

Green is the new black! Well, at least on St. Patrick’s Day that is. Still not sure what to wear this Saturday? Here are Valley’s dos and don’ts of St. Patty’s Day fashion to keep you looking like a lucky lady all day long.


Don’t feel the need to dress head-to-toe in green.
Dressing the part for holidays and special occasions can be super fun, but there’s a fine line between cute and going totally overboard. Basically, if it looks like the Jolly Green Giant helped pick out your outfit, you probably crossed this line. 

Do spice up your outfit with splashes of green.
If you have a neutral-colored dress, add a green belt for some flair. Try pairing a green skirt with a plain top to really stand out in a crowd. Or you can channel Angelina Jolie’s 2009 Academy Awards attire and wear a knockout pair of emerald-green earrings with a little black dress.


Don’t cake on green eyeshadow!
I’m not sure who said this was a good idea, but when it comes to St. Patty’s Day, girls suddenly seem to embrace their inner Mimi (Kathy Kinney on The Drew Carey Show) and apply heavy eyeshadow up to their brows.

Do change up your normal makeup routine.
There are a number of ways to incorporate green into your look in a more subtle way. For instance, try a smoky eye with a darker touch of green in the creases instead of painting the entire lid with Kermit green.


 Don’t kill a cute outfit with strings of green beads, funny glasses or a goofy hat.
Enough said.

Do keep it simple.
If you’re looking for a new, refined holiday outfit, accessories like these are meant for a different scene. There are ways to make your apparel fun and playful in a classier way. Depending on the rest of your outfit, you can add an orange purse for a bold statement (after all, green isn’t the only Irish color!).

Photo by Ian Lopera

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