The Dos and Don’ts of a First Date

Hsieh.Dos&DontsOnFirstDateThe first date, we have all been there.  If not?  Keep reading this article for some helpful tips.  The first date can lead to a number of possibilities such as a first kiss, a relationship, or even love.  This situation sounds like it came out of a Catherin Heigle film, but it is possible.

However, first dates also can lead to awkwardness, a strong dislike for the other person, and the reason why you binge watch Netfix for the remainder of the weekend.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but Netfix will not send you flowers on Valentine’s Day.

How will you survive?  Here is our advice on how to have a successful first date that hopefully will lead to many more dates.  We’ve covered the basics such as wardrobe, talking points, eating etiquette, and how to end the date on a good note.

What should I wear?

When we meet people for either the first time or for a special occasion, it is important to look your best and feel confident in what you are wearing.  How much time and effort you put into your first date outfit will show the other person that you serious about it and them.

What NOT to Wear

We do not want to tell you to change your style to impress another person, but we want to encourage you to look your best.  Try to avoid baggy, wrinkled, and ill-fitting clothes.  If you are anywhere between 18 and 25 you should know what fits you and what does not.

Good Topics vs. Bad Topics

There is nothing more awkward than sitting across from someone at a restaurant with nothing to talk about before your appetizers come.  The first date conversation should be easy, informational, and fun.  This is your time to express your interests and find common ones to expand on.   In addition, you can ask bizarre questions that may get the other person to laugh.

Try to stay away from serious topics on the first date.  No one wants to explain that their parents are divorced and their mother remarried someone twice her age for his money.  Yes, we pulled a card from “The O.C.,” sorry Coop!  You can start getting  more serious as the relationship progresses.

Good Talking Points:
– Movies/Television
– Music
– Travel Experiences
– School
– Future Aspirations

Topics to Avoid:
– Religion
– Politics
– Marriage
– Sex

Eating Etiquette

This is a hard one because everyone eats differently and likes different types of food.  The best advice we can give is to try to find a place with a variety of food.  Make sure that you are very cautious of what you order because someone will watch you eat this.  Salads, wraps, and pasta (not spaghetti) are great foods that are not too messy to eat.

Finger foods such as French fries or chips are subtle ways that you can take control of the date.  If the conversations are going great you can take your time finishing your side of fries and keep talking.  If you cannot stand the person, shovel your fries down or ask for a to-go box.

The End

The end of a date is just as awkward as the first 20 minutes, but the best way to end a date is with what your gut is telling you.  If you decide to run home because you feel you may kill the other person, run.  If you think it was the best first date ever, you should ask them on another one or go in for that kiss.  Why not? We are only young once.

Comment and tell us some of your first date experiences!

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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