The DIY Duo: State-Inspired Shoes

Each week, DIY lovers Shaina Stern and Lindsay Lipovich will demonstrate a quick and awesome project to add an extra twist of style to your life. We’ll show you how-to’s to impress your most craft-saavy pals. Get out your glue gun, because here comes the DIY Duo.

It’s Homecoming. This isn’t an ordinary football weekend, so you shouldn’t stick to your ordinary football weekend wardrobe.

You might always wear bows, or headbands or lion ears. You wear a tank or a pinnie,  or maybe some cut up a t-shirt. You may even paint your bod or your face or stick one of those paw print tattoos on your cheek.

But we’re taking “head to toe” a little more literally: with our shoes.
We painted our pride onto Sperries, but any canvas shoe will do.

What you’ll need:
1 paintbrush – small, about a quarter-inch
Fabric paint- 1 blue and 1 white
Penn State stencil (you can make your own, or get one at McLanahans or one of the bookstores)
1 pencil
Canvas shoes (Toms, Keds, Sperries- any canvas pair will do)
Cloth or towel

1. Using a wet cloth, clean and prep the surface of your shoe.

2. Pin a Penn State stencil onto the surface. We cut out our own, but you can find letter stencils in most school-supply vendors.

3. In pencil, outline the stencil onto the shoe.

4. Next, color in the design with the paint. Stay in the lines! Leave the stencil on for help.

5. Now you can remove the stencil and touch up with the opposite end of the paintbrush (the hard end) to ensure a defined outline of the letters. Repeat on the other shoe.

6. Once finished, let the shoes air-dry. Then, place a hairdryer in the shoe and turn it on hot. Alternate between the shoes for about 15 minutes or until they’re completely dry and ready to wear.

Finally, show off your shoes all weekend– for the glory.

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