Lips the Color of Purple

Oberdorf_PurpleLipstickNow that Daylight Savings Time has officially begun, the only logical thing that can follow is spring! But spring doesn’t just mean better weather, it also means brighter makeup options. So, it’s time to spring clean your makeup bag, and try adding new products, say for example, purple lipsticks? Lipsticks in purple hues have been a growing trend over the past few months. Whether you prefer the subtle lilacs or the bold violets, there’s a color for every girl and any event. Here are a few shades to check out this upcoming season.


Pastel purple lipstick, such as a lilac shade, is perfect for girls that are shyer about trying new trends. Soft and subtle, it can be worn like any light pink lipstick would be. When matched with a white eye shadow and false lashes, this shade can give you a flirty look perfect for spring. Mac’s Up the Amp or Revlon’s Berry Haute are perfect examples of pastel purple lipsticks.


While plum colored lipsticks have been in style for some time, they’re certainly not leaving anytime soon. Like red lipstick, a plum shade should be a staple in every girl’s makeup bag. This shade is perfect for almost any occasion. Whether it’s for a night out or just going to class, a plum lip color can look casual and dressed up. Paired with simple winged eyeliner or an intricate smoky eye, this lipstick will always be your best friend.

Midnight Purple

Midnight purples have been all over the fashion world, with celebrities like Lorde and Rihanna sporting this trend. This color can be described almost as a black lipstick with hints of dark violet. Edgy and serious, this shade is for a girl trying to make a statement. But be sure not to wear heavy make up with this look because all the dark colors could drown out your face. If you need style inspiration on how to rock this lip color, just turn to Rihanna and think studded leather.


This lipstick shade is not for the faint hearted. Bright and bold, this shade is basically a neon color. Since this color is fierce, it’s suited for wilder occasions, say like a rock concert or a night out clubbing. Pairing this with a subtle eye, such as a nude smoky eye, allows for your lips to pop even more. Or for all you daring girls out there, try pairing it with a metallic shadow that compliments your lip color. A good shade to try is Mac’s Heroine.

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf


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