The Best Products For Staying Organized This Semester

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Technology has come a long way since the days of regular pencils and notebooks, and it’s time college students caught up. Online classes pose a new challenge for a lot of students, forcing them to stay organized and focused in the confines of their bedroom. Here is a list of products to help you stay organized in your online classes this semester.

ReMarkable Paper Tablet
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Starting off with the biggest splurge of the list, the ReMarkable Paper Tablet is like an iPad just for taking notes! You can keep it in your handwriting, convert it to text, send emails, download e-books and so much more. It may be a bit of an investment, but it could be just the thing you’re looking for to organize your notes.

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If the ReMarkable tablet is a little out of your price range, there’s no need to worry! Meet the Rocketbook. Originally introduced on “Shark Tank” as a reusable notebook that was erased when put in the microwave, it has evolved to simply erase with water. All you need to do is write your notes on the reinforced page, then scan it into the app, which will automatically upload it to a Google Drive folder of your choosing. And at only about $35, it’s affordable, it’s high-tech and it’s green.

Pilot FriXion
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If you do end up investing in a Rocketbook, you’re also going to need some Pilot FriXion products, as these are the recommended tools that work for reusing the notebook. The pens are a given, but the highlighters prove to be a helpful tool as well, so be sure to cover all of the bases!

Astrology Pencils
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Though the previous recommendations work to eliminate the need for pencils (and paper), you will still inevitably find use for them. At least with these unique and relatable pencils from Whiskey River Soap Co., you’re sure to ace whatever test you’re taking that somehow hasn’t been digitized yet.

Blue Light Glasses
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Staring at a screen all day has been proven to hurt your eyes, but it’s never too late to start protecting them with a pair of blue light blocking glasses. If you need a prescription, you may want to try a more upscale brand like Warby Parker or Privé Revaux, but if you’re just looking for some regular lenses, Francesca’s sells them for under $20!

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Now, this goes without saying: every list of school supplies includes a good planner. They’re just so important, they deserved to be on this list! Say goodbye to the days of writing your to-do list in your notes app, and hello to being able to physically cross items off as you complete them – it’s so satisfying! And with the amount of planners in the market, you’re sure to find one that fits your style and organization. If anything, websites like Agendio and 101 Planners make it possible and easy for you to design your own!

Laptop Desk
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With most classes being held online now, it can be hard to get through Zoom fatigue. Sitting at a desk for hours straight can get uncomfortable, but it’s also hard to pay attention while laying down in bed. With a laptop desk, you can have the best of both worlds. Stay comfortable in bed while encouraging yourself to be productive by bringing your workspace to you! And this laptop desk from Amazon includes a spot for an iPad, a cup holder and a side drawer for storage.

Laptop Stand
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If not a laptop desk, perhaps consider investing in a laptop stand. Overheating is very common with Zoom classes, since laptops are not only expected to run multiple programs at a time, but also do so while resting on a flat surface that blocks their vents (like a lap). A stand allows for better airflow, and is said to help with posture, too! Plus, laptop stands are pretty affordable, like this one from Amazon.

Cable Organizer
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A great way to keep your desk free of clutter is to make sure your charging cables don’t take up space and get all tangled. That’s why there are plenty of products to help keep cables in line, like this organizer set from Target. Not only do they help with the mess, but they’re cute and trendy, too!

Whether you use anything from this list or find your own methods of organization, don’t forget to tag us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram to show off your semester setup!


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