The Best Guided Journals for Reflection

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Too much stress can have an immense impact on your body’s mental, emotional and physical health. When stress builds up, your overall health can decline, leading to symptoms like insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, as well as anxiety and depression according to

One way to help manage your stress is through journaling. Journaling is a way to get all of the thoughts and feelings in your head written down onto paper. There are many benefits to this mindful activity. It helps to clarify and validate your feelings, understand yourself better and can be a way to look back at yourself in the future and witness your own personal growth.

However, knowing the benefits of journaling might not convince you to do it. Many people hope to journal but can never find the time or motivation. It can seem daunting to stare at a long, empty page. While there are no rules for journaling, some people may need help getting started.

If you’ve been wanting to try journaling but struggle with what to write, guided journals are the perfect stepping stone to get your brain flowing. VALLEY has compiled a list of some of the best-guided journals to help get you started! 

One Question a Day

These journals do exactly what the name states. If you are someone who has a busy schedule or doesn’t enjoy writing long paragraphs, this is the perfect journal for you. You would be surprised how a single question can produce a thought-provoking answer.

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One Line a Day

Instead of answering a question, this journal allows you what to write just one thing about each day. Instead of filling up an entire page, you only have to fill out a small space of lines. The coolest part? This journal spans more than five years of your life. Think about how amazing it would be to look back at your life and what you have experienced along the way from just writing a short sentence each day.

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Positive Affirmations

If you’re looking for an entertaining and humorous book that will help take your mind off your worries and give you a laugh, this is the journal for you! From coloring pages to uplifting journal prompts, this book will teach you to not care what others think.

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According to, practicing gratitude has been proven to increase mental strength, improve self-esteem and enhance empathy. This journal has different prompts that will help you record what you are grateful for each day. It also has 10 weekly challenges to further your journaling experience.

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Goal Setting

This journal has a 13-week goal planner that will help you stay motivated, focused and make everyday count toward fulfilling your goals. Inside you will find weekly pages, habit trackers, reflections and more.

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Start Where You Are is meant for anyone looking to “nurture their mindfulness, creativity and self-motivation.” This calming journal includes colorful and inspiring quotes alongside prompts and exercises that will help encourage reflection.

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