Thanksgiving: The Unsung Holiday

KristenRobertson.WhyThanksgivingMatters-2 Halloween season has officially come to a close.

The cat ears have been tucked away until next year and “Hocus Pocus” (unfortunately) will no longer be aired every other day. It’s a sad realization, but the promise of another holiday soon to come is always a comfort.

No, we’re not talking about Christmas.

Before you jump right into blasting “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and hanging lights around your apartment, try remembering a little underdog holiday in November called Thanksgiving.

Now, Thanksgiving may not be as advertised and commercialized as Halloween or Christmas, but it has so many wonderful qualities of its own that it begs to be recognized, not overlooked.

Junior public relations major Kate Goodman feels Thanksgiving is often forgotten.

“People definitely get into Christmas mode too early. Christmas music starts playing right after Halloween and people forget about Thanksgiving, which is one of the best holidays,” says Goodman. “I think people should wait until after Thanksgiving to get excited for Christmas because even at that point it’s still far away.”

If you are a Christmas enthusiast and are thinking, “It’s never to early to start preparing for Christmas!” then we ask you to remember these aspects in defense of Thanksgiving before tossing it aside.

Food, Food, Food 

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that is truly all about some of the most incredible food we will eat all year. True, the meaning of the holiday is to be thankful for all that we have but it is celebrated with mouth-watering turkey and mountains of creamy, buttery mashed potatoes. Not only that, but you get to eat aforementioned amazing food pretty much all day. It starts from the time you wake up to the time you pass out in a food-induced coma later that night. What could be better?

Football/The Parade

Whether you are an avid fan of professional football or simply have no interest in the matter, watching games on Thanksgiving Day is the best. It doesn’t even really matter if you dislike football because it is a nationwide event that bonds people. It’s about having time to spend with family and friends rather than simply watching a game.

The Thanksgiving parade is amazing for obvious reasons. The creativity and intricacy behind each float is something incredible to watch. Also, the parade is a tradition that so many Americans have been a part of for so long, making it just another beautiful part of Thanksgiving.

Friends and Family

We saved the best for last. Thanksgiving is primarily a time to be thankful for our unbelievable friends and families. It is a day we share together and truly appreciate our lives for what they are.

Sophomore RPTM commercial/community major Sarah Culp knows this all too well.

“Thanksgiving is really important to me because it’s usually the one holiday when I get to see my grandparents and a lot of other family since none of them live close to me. Thanksgiving is a special holiday to offer thanks and appreciate everything you have,” Culp says.

So hear us out, Christmas lovers, and give Thanksgiving some credit before you begin putting up your trees. It’s a day to love and look forward to if you only give it a chance.

Photo by Kristen Robertson


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