TBT: The Top 5 Stores of Our Awkward Youth

Store Limited TooLet’s face it – what you wore in middle school mattered. You just weren’t considered cool if your clothes weren’t from an acceptably cool store. Stores that you are now embarrassed to admit you ever shopped at. Here’s a throwback Thursday shout-out to the clothing stores of our awkward youth.

5. Club Libby Lu

Club Libby Lu was like Disney Land inside our nearest mall. As a little girl, nothing was more exciting than the days when our moms would splurge and let us get our hair and makeup done up like a princess. Making the sparkly perfumes and body washes let us bring the magic home, allowing us to feel royal for weeks.

4. Limited Too

Limited Too was the hottest place to shop as a tween. The graphic tee basically originated there— I used to live for the new snowflake shirts at the beginning of each winter season. Limited Too also provided all of us with our first training bras. Very exciting, we know.

3. Rave Girl

Rave Girl offered us clothes a little more advanced than Limited Too. They were tighter, flashier and made us feel much older than we were. This alternative store was cheaper than Limited Too, and it showed. The terrycloth pants would shred after one wash— not joking.

2. Abercrombie

Abercrombie marked the beginning of our true teenage years. The clothing was definitely made to fit a five-year-old’s body, but that’s what we liked about it. The shirts were a little tighter, the skirts were a little shorter and everything was much more expensive. Abercrombie made us feel older and much, much cooler.

1. Hollister Co.

Hollister was Abercrombie reincarnated. Instead of the preppy greys and navy blues of Abercrombie, Hollister offered a So Cal style that was irresistible. It came to the east coast at the perfect time— right around the time period that Laguna Beach was airing on MTV. Their “Team Kristen” and “Team LC” shirts just solidified their spot as the coolest store of our past.

Photo credit: teenage-dreamers.blogspot.com

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