TBT: “The Clique” Series

C16673This Thursday, let’s take a moment to reflect on the series of novels that is quite possibly the reason for the downfall of our generation: “The Clique.” In this series, a group of pretentious seventh graders – yes, seventh graders – refer to themselves as “the pretty committee.” I’m pretty sure if any of us referred to ourselves as “the pretty committee” today we would be exiled from this campus. No one would tolerate that. Why did we think this was acceptable? Because it’s totally not. Furthermore, weren’t we all super awkward and hideous in seventh grade? Definitely not “pretty.”

These girls were consumed with incredibly materialistic objects completely inappropriate for seventh graders to obsess over. Don’t own a pair of Uggs? Sorry, can’t sit with us. If we remember correctly, Massie was the ring leader of the group who deemed what was “in” and what was “out.” The 12-year-old brat blatantly shunned poor Claire, the new girl trying to fit in, because she shopped at Walmart and Target–this is why we have problems with middle schoolers these days.

Let’s not forget the emphasis put on riches in these novels. Claire was not cool because she was not rich, and the sporty character, Kristen, was pitied for being poor. Massie and the rest of her posse were loaded, obsessing over designer clothes, bags and makeup. Oh, did I already mention they are supposed to be in seventh grade? Yes? They were supposed to be in seventh grade. This sent an absurd message to the youth of America that might be responsible for our materialistic society today.

So why were we so infatuated with these books? Because they were so unrealistic. When we were in 7th grade we all wanted so badly to be cool and a little bit older than we actually were–thanks to the pretty committee, we could vicariously live through their unrealistic lives. Thank you, pretty committee, for setting the bar way too high. We are (still) not worthy.

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