TBT: Halloween’s Glory Days

ShantelleWilliams_HowToBeFestiveForHalloween03How lucky are we that our throwback for this week falls on everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween? For us college kids, Halloween is an weekend-long event during which we get to dress up in costumes, go out with friends and hopefully capture a profile picture to last at least the next month. Halloween wasn’t always like this, though, as we will be reminded by the cute little kids that will be trick-or-treating through frat land at around 6 p.m. tonight.

What We Loved

As a little kid there was nothing more exciting than trick-or-treating and then sorting out all of our delicious candy. Some can remember sitting around with their siblings or friends and counting every single piece after a long, hard night of ringing doorbells. I personally remember doing so with my brother, trading each piece of candy carefully and fairly depending on what we each liked the best. Of course, nothing could ever amount to scarfing down the candy once it was all traded. The stomachaches were worth it.

Admit It

Even as 20-somethings, we all still get a little bit excited once this time of the year rolls around. ABC Family’s 13 Days of Halloween is just as thrilling as it was when we were young. Movies like “Hocus Pocus” and “Halloweentown” bring back the simpler days when Halloween didn’t involve frat parties.

No matter what age you are, its important to remember that Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday. So go out with your friends, dress to the nines and be safe!

Photo by Shantelle Williams 


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