TBT: Childhood Halloween Costumes


Halloween is a holiday everyone looked forward to as a kid. We would drag our moms to Party City and make the poor college student who worked there bring us back every princess, pop diva, animal, pirate, cowboy costume we thought was awesome, and then we would make a disaster of the dressing room as we ripped through the bags looking for the perfect one. And we went all out as kids. Face paint, hair spray, wigs, accessories, whatever we needed to make our friends super jealous of our costume, we forced our parents to buy.

One of the best part about wearing our costumes, besides for running around town in them harassing neighbors for absurd amounts of candy our parents ended up hiding from us anyway, was the Halloween photo shoots. We wouldn’t just smile for the camera, we would embody our costumes and transform ourselves inside and out to be whatever we were dressed up as. And because of our childhood passion for Halloween and our spunk, we are now left with some pretty hilarious costume pictures from the past.

So in the celebration of this wonderful holiday the Valley staff decided to compile some of their best Halloween pictures from their childhood.

Enjoy! Happy “Valloween”!


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