TBT: Barbie

Barbie_Logo-1Our throwback this week is dedicated to the glammest gal we’ve ever known: Barbie. Along with her shiny blonde hair, long tan legs and super hot boyfriend, she had a dreamy house, her own private jet and multiple sports cars. Barbie was rich, famous and beautiful. Not to mention she had the coolest clothes ever. It’s no surprise to us at Valley that Barbie is still killing the toys game.

What We Loved

Barbie gave us a chance to live our dreams vicariously through her. Honestly, with all her achievements, how could she be considered a bad role model? Throughout her life so far, she’s been a policewoman, student, teacher, veterinarian, mother, doctor…the list goes on and on. Barbie is more than just a pretty face. She’s clearly motivated enough to hold down several jobs, all while maintaining a healthy relationship. What’s not to admire?

Admit It…

No matter how much Barbie gear we had, we needed more. My obsession started with her pink sports car, grew to the RV camper and landed on the Holy Grail: The Barbie Dream House (which, sadly, I never got). It was impossible to obtain too many clothes, too many accessories or too many shoes. It was our responsibility to make Barbie look fabulous at all times, and that was not something we took lightly. Don’t worry Barbie, we got your back.

Photo credit: Wikipedia.com


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