TBT: 10 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

JonathanHsieh.ThingsThatMakeYouFeelOldAs college students, it seems as if we’re constantly being told how young we are – but there are certain things that remind us just how long we have actually been around:



1. When “Finding Dory” comes out, “Finding Nemo” will be 12 years old.

2. All of the Spice Girls are almost 40.

3. Your neighbor, who you remember as a toddler, is now in fifth grade. This is the first person you have actually watched grow from an infant into almost a real person. Remember how old you felt in fifth grade?

4. “Boy Meets World” has been off the air for 13 years. The spin-off series, “Girl Meets World”, is about Cory and Topanga’s middle school child. Their child.

5. Your first flip-phone. It didn’t have a camera, but it came with seven pre-programed backgrounds. Bonus points if you had a super-creative banner or a phone charm.

6. “Mean Girls” came out almost a decade ago… as did “The Notebook”.

7. Lizzie McGuire is married and has a son.

8. You cringe at the thought of your old AIM screen name. GTS.

9. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have been divorced for eight years.

10. You will never again hear the beautiful melody that was: “Let’s watch a Disney Channel Movie!”

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh  (Taken at Game Arena) 


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