Tattoos: A Permanent Accessory

Styles change every day. From high-waisted jeans to chokers to stacked rings, trends are reflective of the people that wear them. The freedom that comes with accessorizing creates a way for individualization of a regular pair of jeans and personalization of a common crop top. One permanent accessory has become quite popular, especially among young people — tattoos. 

Tattoos are accessories that can truly go with any trend. Everyone seems to be getting on board, but that’s not how it’s always been.

Some jobs permit their employees from having visible tattoos and interviewees are commonly asked if they have any. To some, tattoos represent a sort of rebellious attitude and unprofessional aura. To others, tattoos represent individualism and expression. 

As tattoos and nose piercings have become more and more common, traditional thinking has started to shift. Many believe that tattooing is a way of advocacy for individualism. Although it is not true for every institution, the opinions about tattoos are evolving. They are slowly becoming more accepted and viewed more as art than as a stain.

Tattoos can be anything. They can be a favorite flower or words that keep spirits lifted. They can bring something as simple as a mindless doodle to life, as a swimming coy on a forearm.

The thought of getting a tattoo can still be scary but that doesn’t stop the momentum they have in the world of fashion. While the ink may fade a little, the story behind it never does. Everyone has a story and for many, tattoos are simply the way to tell it.


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