Taming Your Brows

If you spent most of your early adolescence begging your mom to let you get your eyebrows waxed, you’re not alone. Learning how to care for your eyebrows may begin anywhere from elementary school to college but it’s never too late to start.

Eyebrow care is different for everyone. Your skin type, hair growth, and pain tolerance are all factors to consider when weighing your options. Whether you’re looking for the best way to keep them thin and narrow or just want to slightly tame your thick, luscious brows on your face, you have more options than you may think. 


Like most people, you may have started your maintenance journey with waxing, one of the most popular methods of hair removal. It’s quick and surprisingly one of the less painful techniques. This process will also remove the smaller hair particles that are impossible to get during plucking.

Since the hair follicle is removed from the root the hair should take around two weeks to a month to grow back. Depending on how thick and fast-growing your eyebrows are this may be the perfect method for you.

You can get your eyebrows professionally waxed at a salon or take the waxing into your own hands. Although waxing at home is a convenient and cheap way to shape your brows, make sure to thoroughly read instructions and tread carefully. Sally Hansen has a kit that is popular for waxing eyebrows.

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If you have a high pain tolerance and seek attention to detail when it comes to your brows, threading might be the method for you. This is pure artistry but with beauty comes pain.

Threading originated in central Asia and entails a thread swiftly coming across your face in a twisting motion that removes multiple hairs at a time in one fell swoop. The precision with threading is unmatched and is definitely worth it if you have thick brows.

Threading is a method you should go get done professionally, as it takes a professional to do thread correctly. Most salons will provide this service.


If your brows are on the low-maintenance side, a monthly trip to the salon may not be necessary for you. The pain is very tolerable but it definitely is the more time-consuming method as you pluck each hair one by one. If you just want to lightly shape and touch up to your liking, a pair of tweezers may be all you need. Make sure to pick a high-quality pair of tweezers that will last you a while and pick hairs with ease. Tweezerman tweezers are a fan favorite that you can find almost at any drugstore.

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Face Razors

Yet another beauty trend put in the spotlight by TikTok proves itself as a great method of eyebrow maintenance. The face razor is a perfect combination of precision and time efficiency. Hold the thin blade at an angle against your face and lightly scrape the hairs and dead skin away. Watch a Youtube video on how to do this method safely and effectively.

While this method is quick and brings flawless results it requires constant touch-ups. If you don’t mind adding an extra step to your skincare routine this tiny tool is well worth putting in your makeup bag.

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