Survival Guide to Sorority Recruitment 101

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In the totally daunting world of sorority recruitment, there are many things a girl should remember. This two-week long, crazed experience could easily be considered “the best week that you never want to go through ever again.” Valley has the tips and tricks to help you survive the chaos of rushing!

Between balancing your schedule, finding acceptable outfits, fighting through the pain of wearing heels, and dealing with the incessantly long and redundant conversations with chapter members, just know that it can indeed be done!


Although personality means everything, a cute and well put together outfit doesn’t hurt either. There is a progression of dress, starting in the first round being the most causal and ending with Preference Day, which is always the most formal. Dig deep in your closet for your cutest formal dress and high heels!

Sophomore Rachel Ward, member of the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at Penn State, had a few jokes to crack while looking back on her fashion troubles during rush. “Buying all new clothes just didn’t make sense to me. The next best thing was to raid all of my friends’ closets, that’s kind of how it works for girls most of the time. It was really fun looking around seeing what the hundreds of other girls were wearing all week,” she says.

Imagine rush this way: You’re getting dressed up and making yourself look presentable for a couple hundred dates with sorority girls. Rush is just one huge date… but with zero cute boys involved.

Keeping Clean

Deodorant. Gum. Oil Wipes. Hairbrush. Four essential things that are a MUST in that cute clutch that you’re hauling around. Being stuck in hot, crowded rooms for hours on end can do some pretty crazy (and unfortunate) things to your hair and personal hygiene.

Conquering Nerves
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Sophomore Carolyn Metcalf, member of the Kappa Alpha Theta chapter at Penn State, speaks her mind on the impending week of rush. “I remember last year as a freshman, how terrified I was going into recruitment,” says Metcalf. “It’s definitely intimidating thinking about how many difference sororities this school has, but having an older sister with background experience definitely helped calm my nerves…I honestly just acted [like] myself.”

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One thing that could totally make or break your rush experience is certainly your nerves. Being yourself is a major key throughout these two weeks! Being genuine will assure that you end up with the perfectly fitting sorority! Everyone belongs somewhere and by simply acting yourself, everything will be smooth sailing.

Chapter members and chapter executives, especially, go through weeks and weeks of preparation for this process just to find girls that are like them and know will make a perfect fit to their family! Know that wherever you end up is most likely where you belong – the purpose behind this long, tedious and stressful process is to find girls that will be friends for a lifetime and to help make your college experience even better.