Support Small Businesses: Shop at Boutiques

Local clothing boutiques are truly diamonds in the rough. They are often found in cities or suburbs among other businesses that don’t even sell clothes. Malls and online shopping affect the business at boutiques, but they have so many positive attributes to encourage you to support your local boutiques.

First off, it’s a much quieter setting than the mall. Shopping at the mall should be considered a sport. No really. It requires running through mazes of corporate displays, dodging the mass crowds of people (especially during the holidays), and when you purchase a lot, it feels a lot more like arm day than a fun shopping trip.

But shopping doesn’t have to be hectic. It can be relaxing and laid back. Boutiques can offer a peaceful experience, which leads to smarter fashion decisions. Their decorations and displays are usually organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Boutiques also assure that your clothing will be unique and less likely to be replicated. Boutiques often sell trendy and mod pieces that aren’t easily found in big name stores. Not to mention, only a select few people will have the same piece as you. Boutiques usually only carry a few of each item in each size.

Lastly, shopping at a boutique gives you the ability to support small businesses, which is very important in our modern world. According to, 67 percent of millennials said they prefer to shop online. While technology makes it much easier to order almost anything online (even in your pajamas), not all boutiques have an online shop. You can help their business by shopping in store. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of holding new clothing in your hands.

VALLEY has made a list of our all-time favorite boutiques around the region to make it easy for you to support local businesses. These are among the finest and have a great selection of clothing to ensure a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.

Number Fourteen: Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, PA

Posted on Instagram by Number Fourteen @no14boutique

There are no words to describe this beautiful boutique. With a variety of stunning and unique pieces, Number Fourteen goes far beyond any hopes for a boutique. From cocktail dresses to latest fads in fashion, Number Fourteen makes you never want to leave empty handed.

Rue Boutique: Wexford, PA

Posted on Instagram by Rue Boutique @rueboutiqueshop

Rue Boutique is a little oasis just outside of Pittsburgh. The boutique carries a variety of higher end clothing and offers both women and men’s clothing. According to the store’s website, the boutique was inspired by the owner’s trip to Paris. Their boho look and feel is relaxing and somewhat reminiscent of the beach.

Holly Hill Boutique: Doylestown, PA

Posted on Instagram by Holly Hill Boutique @hollyhill180

This cute boutique outside of Philadelphia offers a large variety of fashion forward clothing and accessories. From sun dresses to sweaters, this boutique has you covered when picking clothes for each season. According to their website, their clothing is “thoughtfully selected” and purchased.

Ta-dah: Ocean City, New Jersey

Posted on Instagram by Ta-dah @tadahocnj

This business has five locations along Asbury Avenue, and is packed with beautiful clothing. Each location features clothing for a different audience and age group. Ta-dah features dresses, rompers, sweaters and so much more. They have outfits for any occasion.

“They have a variety of different clothing, but only a couple pieces of each,” says Penn State junior Corrie Haiko. “It’s really nice because you are getting something authentic, and you will not see anyone else wearing it!”

There are so many local boutiques to check out in every city. Tweet us your favorites at @ValleyMag!


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