Summer To-Do Lists 101

Finally, summer! Time to sit out by the pool or on the beach and lather ourselves up with tanning oil to make sure we return to school in the fall with our bronzed, glowing skin. Not so fast though — we can’t forget about doctor appointments, dreaded dentist visits, making time for the gym, work or internships and all the other little tasks that come along with summer break.

A productive and unique way to stay on top of our daily routines is through making lists. Unique? How? An important concept behind to-do lists is the organization that comes with it. Dividing tasks and appointments based on time, activity or distance makes them more manageable and will help you get organized and stay mentally focused. A huge part of to-do lists is how they look. One way to get ourselves to complete tasks is first to gear away from chicken scratch on a scrap piece of paper.

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Make it look like something you want to look at. This includes using different colored pens, different handwriting, the size of your words and headers, and for more creative people, add little drawings or pictures to spice it up!

Paper Mate has a line of felt-tip marker pens that are perfect for adding some flair. While there are many brands of markers or pens that will perform the same task, adding any sort of color will make your to-do lists worth looking at.

Try using different fonts to organize different things. This includes bubble letters, skinny font, stretched out fonts, big, small, faint or bold. By dividing what needs to be done and using different fonts to help do so, it makes things easier to find and much more organized if you are a busy person and have a lot of tasks to complete.

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You don’t want your notes to look mundane, so by adding different fonts, you can make your notes and tasks look appealing while still getting all the information down that you need.


Lastly, the most satisfying part of it all, finally being able to cross off something once you complete it! While this is the best part, it is also very important. It will help you understand what has been done and what still needs to be done. Take a big black or red pen and put a line right through the task, or if you want to be fancy and put little check boxes besides each task, check it off so you know you have one less thing to do that day, week, month or summer!

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