Study Spots to Fight the Freeze

Photo by Chrissie Huang

Winters in University Park are not for the weak. Freezing temperatures, biting winds, and black skies just past 5:00 p.m. would make anyone want to find that perfect spot indoors to stay warm and stay busy. Luckily, Penn State has many places on campus that are perfect for shedding the jacket, pulling up Spotify, and getting some work done.

Let’s face it— if you’re going to be somewhere for hours, poring over biology textbooks or calculus equations, it better be a place you like! The following is a list of Valley’s favorite study spots, some you may know and some you might not be familiar with.

Life Sciences Bridge

The Life Sciences Bridge is hard to miss. It’s a massive, two-story enclosed walkway that connects the Huck Life Sciences Building with the Chemistry Building. But it’s not just a bridge to walk on– it’s filled with comfy chairs, ottomans, and tables to work at individually or with a group. An added bonus is the great view of Shortlidge road through the floor to ceiling windows. The Life Science Bridge is perfect for studying– especially if you have a class in the Thomas building, which is right nearby!

Kunkle Lounge
Knuckle Lounge | Photo by Chrissie Huang

Kunkle Lounge | Photo by Chrissie Huang

The Kunkle Activities Center, more affectionately known as the Kunkle Lounge, is located right by the Hammond and Sackett buildings on campus. It’s a three story study lounge that overlooks College Avenue and is full of desks, chairs, and other accommodations.

“It’s a quiet place with a really good atmosphere,” says freshman Harshitha Palegar. “The one wall is all windows and gives a great view of downtown, which is fun to look at while you’re studying.”

So, if you’re looking for a great place to both get work done and people-watch, then pay the Kunkle Lounge a visit!

Krause Innovation Studio

The Krause Innovation Studio– located in 201 Chambers Building– is definitely one of the coolest places to go on campus. This awesome study space is loaded with vibrant colors, cushioned chairs and couches, and partially enclosed pods for more private studying. It also has separate rooms with large tables and whiteboards that are convenient for group studying. If you want to get a feel of what it’s like to work on a spaceship, then go to the Krause Innovation Studio!

The Physical and Mathematical Science Library
201 Davey | Photo by Chrissie Huang

201 Davey | Photo by Chrissie Huang

When you think of the library at Penn State, there’s no doubt the Pattee and Paterno libraries will first come to the minds of most. And while Pattee and Paterno also have many great spots to get work done, many are unaware of a prime study area in the Physical and Mathematical Science Library, which is located in 201 Davey Lab. It’s a quiet space for students who need silence, and it comes equipped with study carrels, larger seating areas, and separate rooms for group work. Maybe it’s time to give a lesser known library a shot!

Au Bon Pain Seating Area in IST

The seating area by the Au Bon Pain in IST has a lot perks. First, it offers great views through wide-stretched windows of Atherton, the street that runs below. Second, the fact that Au Bon Pain is right there is an undeniable bonus. So buy yourself a muffin or a cup of warm soup, pull out your earphones and textbooks, and be productive!

These are just a few of the many study spots Penn State has to offer– not to mention all of the coffee shops and eateries that are right off campus. Winter might be a tough battle now, but if you find your favorite place to spend time out of the cold, it doesn’t have to be that bad. And one thing’s for sure– the warm weather will be back before we know it!