Still Woozy: An Up and Coming Genre-Bending Singer-Songwriter

Photo by Sergiy Barchuk.

“I can never really describe my own music… I have so many influences. I don’t want to ever get stuck in one genre, I don’t want to be limited to just one thing, because I just have too many ideas to be stuck in one place. I want to be able to express all of it,” Still Woozy explains.

Sven Gamsky, 28, also known as Still Woozy, recently released a new single, BS, on Thursday, September 10th. VALLEY got to sit in on an exclusive press conference to hear his new song early and hear him answer some questions about his career and development.

Graphic by Ami Cooks.

All of Still Woozy’s cover art is created by his fiancé, Ami Cooks. “She just inspires me. She puts art into every little thing she does.” The unique and funky cover art shows Gamsky’s authenticity and creativity as a growing artist. He also writes many of his song lyrics about her and their relationship.

Gamsky has been releasing music as a solo artist since 2017, gaining traction as he was claimed by the “bedroom pop” genre, which includes other well-known artists such as Clairo, The Marias and Rex Orange County. Although bedroom pop is a good way to describe his music, Gamsky would rather be genre-less.

Graphic posted by @still_woozy on Instagram.

“Genres are more just a tool to navigate music, so I can’t really knock it, but I could never use it to describe my own music,” he states. Gamsky never truly claims any specific genres, although others have attempted to categorize him into a dreamy mix of indie, R&B, and funk.

He also continues to self-produce many of his songs, continuing the theme of authenticity. The fun of making beats and “creating something out of nothing” is what keeps him going and loving the process. He claims that fabricating a new song out of nothing almost always “blows his mind.” Because of this, it is easier for Gamsky to use his music to create a safe space for himself and deal with his emotions. He describes his music as a “buffer” between him and his difficult thoughts.

Still Woozy has continued to gain traction on the music scene, performing at huge music festivals like the Governor’s Ball in New York City, Tropicalia and Coachella in Los Angeles, Lollapalooza in Chicago and is scheduled to play at the infamous Bonnaroo this year in Manchester, Tennessee. He is expected to perform at bigger and better venues as time goes on and genre-bending music blows up even more.

Gamsky continues to also support smaller artists and states that he loves to talk about music and production with other growing musicians. He likes to add little details in to his songs that can be heard best on headphones.

VALLEY recommends his songs Goodie Bag, Lava, Cooks, and of course his new single, BS, if any readers are looking for new tunes before he releases another EP or album.



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