Starry Eyes: Holiday Makeup Looks

Holidays are full of celebrations and special occasions, which can only mean lots of dressing up. The perfect holiday look is all about glamour and shine! Silver and gold eye shadows are the perfect complement to any eye color this season. Get festive with these two easy, stunning makeup looks.

Silver: This glistening and retro shade is perfect for any holiday party.


1. Begin by applying liquid foundation to each eyelid. This will make your makeup last all day (and night).

2. Apply a light, sparkly white shadow on the insides of your lid. Blend this color outward and under your brow.

3. Next, apply a darker, metallic silver shadow to the outside of your lid. Blend this color into your crease.

4. Use bright, turquoise eyeliner to make your eyes really pop. Start by applying the liner on the inside of your lid and use small strokes to create a sharp, clean line.

JonathanHsieh.HolidayMakeup#45. Create a wing by stopping at the edge of your lid and stroking your liner upward at an angle.
Finish the look with mascara and a bright, red lip.





Gold: This warm and sparkly look will be your go-to for Christmas dinner!

JonathanHsieh.HolidayMakeup#11. Begin by applying liquid foundation to each eyelid. Trust me, your makeup will last much longer with this beauty tip.

2. Apply a pale, sparkly gold eye shadow just underneath your brow.

3.Apply a matte, tan color to the inside of your crease.

4. Next, apply a warm metallic brown shadow to the outside of your lid and blend this color into your crease.


5. Apply a metallic, gold shadow to the inside of your eyelid and blend the color all over your lid.

6. Add depth to your eyes with black liquid liner along the base of your eye.

7. Finish the look with a bright, red lip for an even more festive look!



Photos by Jonathan Hsieh

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