Staff Pick of the Week: Glossier Haloscope

A solid highlight is everything when it comes to adding that finishing touch to your look, whether you’re looking for a pop of shine to add to your everyday makeup routine, or the final step in a full on Friday night face.

While the search for that perfect highlighter may seem daunting, VALLEY found the ultimate product that might take home the gold.  Glossier’s Haloscope is equal parts easy-to-use and effective, with the perfect amount of color and a shimmer that catches light whether you’re on your way to class or on your way downtown.

Haloscope is a revolutionary highlighting stick that comes in three shades: Topaz, a golden bronze; Quartz, a pearly light brown; and Moonstone, a translucent white sheen.  Haloscope is made up of two layers.  The first, an outer ring of color where all that shimmer and shine is packed in with actual Rose Quartz or Golden Topaz, and the second, a core made up of a vitamin-packed, Coconut and Castor seed solid-oil moisturizer.

Glossier’s Haloscope comes in an easy to use, twist-up stick that makes application a breeze.  Simply twist up the end, and apply directly around the eyes from the brow bone down to the cheekbone, on the inner corners of the eye, on the tip of the nose, and wherever else needs a little extra shimmer.  Then use your fingertips to blend to perfection.  The end result is a healthy, dewy shimmer that’s all glimmer and never glitter.

Haloscope runs a bit steep at $22 a pop.  But for a highlighter this perfect and long-lasting, VALLEY guarantees that it’s well worth the splurge.  So the next time you’re looking to treat your self, pick up Haloscope and get glowing!