Spring Cleaning for Your Mental Health

Spring is well underway and signs of summer are beginning to show. The weather is warming up, the birds are starting to sing again and most importantly, the school year is coming to an end.

A time that can be overwhelming and hectic, the last weeks of the spring semester may have you wondering if you’ll ever make it through to summer. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways to “spring clean” your mind to help combat the end-of-the-year struggle.

Be more grateful 

It’s easy to forget to focus on gratitude in your everyday life, but this spring, regularly take the time to focus on what you’re thankful for. Set a goal to think about things you’re grateful for right before bed every night, so you can wake up in the morning refreshed with a positive mindset.

Harness your creativity 

Whether you like to run on trails outside, play the piano or have been longing to try something new, springtime provides the perfect opportunity to participate in activities that bring you joy. Taking time out of your busy school schedule to focus on a care-free activity can be the perfect way to reset your mind heading into summer.

Eat more whole foods 

Eat with the season! Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies from the grocery store or local vendors, or even visit one of the local farmer’s markets. Eating seasonal foods ensures that what you’re putting in your body is fresh, crisp and clean. For more information on where to find local produce, bread, meat and more, check out this list of State College markets online.

Spend time with people who lift you up

Spending time with the people in your life who bring you happiness and who bring out your best side can be therapy in itself. Forget about the friends who you always feel are dragging you down, and try reaching out to someone new. Whether it’s going out on a Friday night or cramming in the library for finals, the people you surround yourself with can impact you more than you realize.

Ditch your negative thoughts

Leave your negative thoughts behind and try to remain positive. As tough as it can be, there’s nearly always a silver lining in any dismal situation. If school, work or relationship issues are what’s getting you down, try to resolve the problem by talking it through, taking a step back or focusing your attention on something else.

Set intentions 

Set intentions and goals for all aspects of your life. Intend to read more, even if it’s only one or two pages a day. Set a goal to drink more water or to beat your personal best during a workout. Setting intentions and reflecting on them is a great way to keep yourself grounded and focused on cultivating your best self.

So declutter your mind this season, and remember that spring cleaning doesn’t only apply to the clutter around your apartment.


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