Spring Clean Your Life

It is officially spring which means the days of shorts and sandals, sitting outside on Old Main Lawn and iced coffees are back. With all this change comes just one more important thing — spring cleaning. Valley is here to help with unique ways to clean up your life this spring without completely starting fresh.

Cell Phone

Start with the item that you hold nearest and dearest to your heart — your phone. It’s time to delete old items that you don’t need anymore. Delete those old text conversations that mean nothing to you. Rid yourself of those old emails that have no value in your life. Go through your notes, too. You definitely do not need your grocery shopping list from twelve weeks ago. And do you really need all 17 pictures that you took of your dog at the park over winter break? Okay, maybe. But, you definitely don’t every single picture you took of your breakfast that one day two months ago. Also, go through your apps and delete any that you haven’t used in the past two months because chances are you will never need it again. You may not be able to physically see the improvement in your life, but at least the “storage full” notice will stop popping up at every waking moment.

Beauty Products

This is an important one. Not only do beauty products consist of most of the clutter in a girl’s life, but they also have an expiration date that many people do not pay attention to. And these can be harmful to your body if used too far after the expiration date. From blemishes to rashes, products gone bad can do some damage to your body. Most hair care products last from three to five years. Mascara and other eye products only last about three to four months and can cause contamination in your eyes if used after expiration. Do yourself a favor and clear out any old products.


Warmer weather means that you can rid your closet of bulky winter sweaters and make room for the pretty springtime sun dresses. Pack up all of your puffy coats, snow boots and winter accessories and send them home to mom and dad. If you can’t get these items home, at least put them under your bed and out of sight. Filling your closet with your spring clothes will help set the mood for the warmer weather to come. Put the winter weather out of mind and focus on the sunshine because as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

The best part of getting rid of all unnecessary, expired and old things in your life is that you get to make room for the new and exciting.