Spring Break Starter Packs

As we dredge through the snow, study for our exams and get through our assignments for the week, there is one thing keeping us going (a light at the end of this dark, never ending tunnel of a week) spring break. Whether you’re going somewhere warmer than State College, colder (yikes), or anywhere in between, Valley has you covered on what you need to make the most of spring break.


If you’re heading to a beach…

Bathing Suit: With many stores providing a multitude of colors, patterns and styles, you’re sure to find a bathing suit you can feel confident in on the beach.

Sunscreen: Keep your skin protected. You can still get a nice tan even with some SPF on.

Sunglasses: Keep your eyes protected and complete your beach look with a nice pair of sunglasses.

A cute outfit (or several): Because you aren’t going to spend all day and night on the beach.


If you’re heading somewhere colder…

Layers, lots of layers: If you’re headed somewhere colder than State College for spring break (is there such a place?!), you’ll need layers. Sweatshirt, sweatpants, sweaters, blankets, parka, hat, gloves, warm socks.

Hand/Foot Warmers: Buy the little packets that can actually warm up your hands and feet so you don’t suffer through the cold too much!

Chapstick/Moisturizer: In the cold, lips and skin crack easily so make sure to put on chapstick and some moisturizer before you go outside.

A warm state of mind: If you love the cold, then we guess you’ve found the right place. But, if you’re dreading the trip, try to think warm thoughts.


If you’re going home and staying there…

Comfy clothes: the likelihood of you getting out of your bed or couch is slim, right?

A Netflix account: If you don’t already have one, get one. Dive into a new show and maybe you’ll finish it by the end of break.

Food: The major plus of staying home for spring break is that you didn’t need to have a “spring break diet,” obviously.

Pictures/crafts: Unless you have a jam packed week planned filled with catching up with friends and family bonding, the likelihood of you getting bored is pretty high. Bring home pictures and crafts you can do to keep you busy.


If you’re visiting friends abroad…

A memento from Penn State: Bring them something to remember their home away from home while they’re at their new home away from home (but nothing will beat Penn State…).

Room in your suitcase: You’ll be buying clothes and mementos abroad, so make sure to leave room in your suitcase.

Camera: You’ll want to remember your trip!

Charger converter: Some foreign countries don’t have the same outlet as the U.S. so be sure to bring the right converter!


Whether you’re headed for one of these scenarios or doing something else, Valley hopes you have a blast over your spring break. Be safe, have fun and be excited when you return to Happy Valley to finish out the spring semester.



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