Spring Break Bod? You Already Have It

Spring break in college is a legendary time that many people look back with fond, and sometimes wild, memories. This much anticipated week means warmer weather, relaxation, beaches for some and couches for others. While spring break gives students a lot to look forward to, it can also bring dread to some. As the temperature increases, so does awareness of body insecurity. It seems that students everywhere are striving for their mythical “spring break bodies.” VALLEY is here to help you stop searching … because you already have it!

You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

As cliché as it may sound, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everybody has very different definitions of what they consider “perfect,” and unfortunately the majority of college aged females do not view themselves as perfect. In fact, according to DoSomething.org, about 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies. Technically speaking, that means that 17,745 women out of the about 19,500 in University Park are unhappy with their bodies. The idea of a uniform “spring break body” is certainly not helping these numbers.

Breaking the myth of a “spring break body” is essential in order to finally accept that every body is a spring break body! No two people are the same, but any two people can throw on a bathing suit, sit by the pool and create incredible spring break memories. In the grand scheme of life, those few pounds will never make or break what is truly important  the unforgettable, unrepeatable experience of being a carefree college student on spring break.

Feeling Good

Unfortunately, going into spring break feeling 100 percent body confident is much easier said than done. However, it is possible and so important to harness this confidence, feel empowered and spread that confidence and positivity to as many women as possible. Feeling good is the key component in this confidence.

Making small adjustments throughout the day can add up to big changes in moods. Making sure your water bottle is never empty, trying out a new vegetable with dinner or swapping out a bag of pretzels for an apple can make the difference between waking up fresh and energized or groggy and dehydrated. Another simple way to feel better before spring break is just by walking to class. Every Penn Stater knows that Penn State is the epitome of a walking campus, so take advantage! Getting fresh air every day is known to boost energy, increase immune systems and increase serotonin levels which boosts overall happiness. Feeling good is inarguably a great start to feeling more confident, and to get the most of spring break season.

Self-Love, Baby!

When thinking just about body shape, it is often easy to forget everything else that makes someone beautiful. Their laugh, their hair, their kindness, their intelligence and so many little other things add up to create pure beauty. When you look in the mirror this spring break, focus on these little things. Focus on how you feel and the memories you are making — not on that mythical “spring break body.”


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