Spotlight on 12th Tribe

Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

In this day and age, so many new sites and products are being released every day, and sometimes, it can get quite difficult to sort through everything to find your personal style and favorites. Valley is here to make these decisions a little bit easier.

Our current obsession is the clothing brand 12th Tribe, a beautiful boho-chic online boutique, curated mainly for women by its lovely founder, Demi Marchese. The boutique began at the end of Marchese’s college career, initially as a platform for her to sell her finds to her friends and family, but with a lot of hard work and determination, eventually grew to the point it has reached today.

According to 12th Tribe’s website, “a 12th tribe girl is an avid explorer… with an effortless style and an easygoing, charming personality…who believes that life is an adventure in which you should walk unafraid” ( The website truly encourages embracing your style and coming together with others of similar style to ‘find your tribe.’

The site offers many different and amazing options to fit your style needs. The options range from vintage-esque band tee dresses and vintage Levi’s Thrasher shorts to boho yellow maxi dresses and fun chokers.

Although the options can be a little pricey, the clothing is stunning and unlike much of what you’ve probably seen before. If you’re willing to spend the money, you’ll definitely find something that you’ll love and enjoy for quite a long time.

The site does have some cheaper options as well, as most clothing websites do. 12th Tribe offers a unique $20 surprise box, in which you place an order for $20 and receive a box containing surprise items.

You could receive anything from accessories to blouses to rompers, and according to the reviews, you could receive two items (!!!), items that aren’t even included on the website, or items that are definitely worth more than $20.

The site also includes a ‘blog’ option, in which articles are posted to keep members of the tribe updated on the happenings of 12th Tribe. There are articles that feature Marchese’s life and adventures, such as her adventures in selecting clothing and styles for her beautiful website, and about how to style certain clothing items.

Overall, 12th Tribe is a beautiful, online boutique that Valley definitely thinks you should check out. There’s currently a small 20% off select best-sellers sale, so you should definitely take a peek.

Most importantly, though, welcome to the tribe.