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Sweetener,” Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album released in mid-August, takes listeners through an emotional journey of love and loss in her new era of music. Always dedicating her work to her fans, Ariana partnered with Spotify to give a group of her loyal fans the opportunity to experience “Sweetener” in art form. Sweetener The Experience launched on New York’s Lower East Side, with each “Sweetener” track transformed into its own multi-sensory experience for fans to enjoy.

Follow through each track below to see what each room had to offer.


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“raindrops” immediately immerses you into the dreamy and enchanting vibe of the album. Reflecting a sweet and soft beginning, the room features a floating altar sprinkled with pink-toned angel tears from above.

“the light is coming”

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“the light is coming” honors Ariana and her partner, Nicki Minaj, who is featured on the track. Twinkling lights above and a bright glow of hot pink at the end shine on you as you make your way through a dark passage, leading you to the next phase of the album.


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“R.E.M.” draws you into the soft and pastel world of dreaming about love. Matching the cover art of the album, lights bask you in lavender and sky blue as you enter a room covered in silky white drapes and fluffy pillows. Perfectly fitting into this room, Ariana’s new fragrance “Cloud” is featured in the back as well.


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“successful” emphasizes self-empowerment and the victories of women with an upbeat and happy vibe. Mirrors line the walls featuring impactful words such as “powerful” and “limitless” along with a stage in the center featuring a microphone and bouquet of flowers. This room also gives the opportunity for fans to write uplifting messages to other fans and Ariana herself.


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“blazed” featuring Pharrell Williams emphasizes the idea that the “universe is so vast” with its upbeat and bouncy tone. This room engulfs you into a 360-degree galactic night sky with bright colored streaks and glittering stars projecting around the room as you enter.

“get well soon”

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“get well soon” focuses on the effects of anxiety with hope that one can eventually find comfort. This track also finishes with 40 seconds of silence taking its competition time to 5:22, which honors the date of the 2017 attack on Ariana’s concert in Manchester. In a room lined with telephones, each is labeled so one can pick the phone up and listen to an inspiring message of wisdom or advice.

“God is a woman”

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“God is a woman” pairs a message about female empowerment with a story about the power a woman holds over a lover. Drawing inspiration from the inspiring music video, the room is splattered in pastel paints with warped mirrors surrounding the room.


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“sweetener” refers to the message that you can make something good from a bad situation. The uplifting song fills the room as you enter a sparkly pastel-colored candy land. The room also features a silver mirrored pond in the center allowing you to take in all the sweetness.

“no tears left to cry”

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“no tears left to cry” was the anthem that marked the beginning of Ariana’s new era of music. The feel-good dance anthem is honored in a chic upside-down room that matches the theme of the music video.


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“breathin” is another track that focuses on anxiety, despite seeming happy and upbeat. This room emphasizes retreating to a comforting and safe place where one can relax and breathe by having layered silk fabrics draping across the walls.

“better off”

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“better off” turns to a slower ballad style where Ariana talks about exiting a toxic relationship. The room accentuates the feeling of loneliness and need for privacy with a pastel garden area filled with flowers and butterflies.


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“everytime” speaks of past relationships and love that has come and gone but that we may still be stuck on. Lit in a bright pink glow, a marble bar is lined with mocktails and snacks for fans to take a break and replenish themselves with before finishing the exhibit.

“pete davidson”

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“pete davidson” is a track Ariana solely dedicated to her financé, Pete Davidson, who she talks about being completely head over heels for. Inspired by Paris’ Pont des Arts bridge and Boston’s St Botolph’s bridge, the room allows fans to honor love in all forms by choosing a love lock and attaching it to the bridge in the room.


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“borderline” featuring Missy Elliott talks of the early stages of love and playing hard to get. With swings and other interactive features fans are encouraged to meet and have fun in this room.

“goodnight n go”

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“goodnight n go” acts as the final room of the exhibit by allowing fans to write messages to Ariana in a large journal before bidding the exhibit farewell.


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