Spark Endless Light

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THON is back in action and ready to take on 2022 with a new theme. For people who are not familiar with THON, it is the largest student-run philanthropy. Throughout the year, students raise money to support families financially when dealing with childhood cancer. The last in-person THON took place in 2020 before COVID-19 put the world on hold. Now, students and families have the opportunity to make up for the lost time together and make this year stronger than ever.

Spark Endless Light

The theme for this coming year represents the courage and hope that everyone had throughout the pandemic.”We hope for THON 2022 to be the spark that brings the THON community back together once again,” THON stated in a release. The Penn State community has been dedicated to THON and its mission.

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What To Expect

With COVID-19 still present and mandates still active, there is no set in stone plans for the upcoming THON. It is also too early to say who the performers are but as of recently, THON released new information about the mandates in place. They will allow people who are fully vaccinated to attend THON which will be in person.

As for predictions, some think that the performers will be based on the theme. Many are eagerly waiting to find out as the history of notable performers stands before them as they are known for bring lively energy to dancers and supporters. Many credit the performances as a reason for THON to continue as it creates memories for the children, attendees, dancers and more as the community bands together to raise money for the cause.

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THON is a time during the year where all of Penn State comes together. No matter who you are, and what experiences you have had, it makes the community one. Despite the setbacks from the year prior, the event is sure to spark endless light in many lives come 2022.

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