Smooth Sale-ing: Saving Money on Food

Finances aren’t exactly infinite in college. In fact, after rent, groceries, books and eating out, there is hardly any money left to play with. This week, Cassidy offers some easy ways to save big when deciding where to eat.

The coupon books distributed in the beginning of the semester are packed with valuable savings. From Penn State clothing to eateries, there is a discount for many downtown businesses. The College Coupons booklet (found at McLanahan’s) has a delicious deal for D.P. Dough: 2 calzones for $9.99 — that’s a savings of $2! The Campus Special saver from the Penn State Bookstore also contains various specials such as a sweet-tooth bargain: Buy one, get one free at Campus Candy.

Many restaurants, especially chains, have rewards programs that can keep your spending to a minimum. Places like Chili’s and T.G.I. Friday’s have incentives that range from free chips and salsa to 20 percent off the bill, just by joining their rewards club. Rotelli sends a coupon for a free appetizer. Panera is also on the rewards bandwagon, giving away pastries or coffee when signing up.

The savings don’t end downtown. As the Super Bowl XLVI approaches, so do great delivery deals. Many tailgate snacks are ready for delivery, some even under $20. Zimmie’s offers a 222 deal: 2 large topping pizzas, 2 wings and 2 two-liter sodas for $19.99. Brother’s Pizza has a tasty combo too, offering 2 large cheese pizzas, 10 breadsticks, and sugar dough balls all for $18.

So whether ordering in or dining downtown, grab the rewards card or coupon booklet. If your wallet could talk, it would thank you.

Photo by Nina Abbott

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