Slang 101: The 21st Century

Photo by Jess Cartwright

Listen up all of you saucy kids! Have you ever attempted to teach your mom the context of “lit”? Did it go well? If the answer to that is no, and if you have no idea what saucy means, VALLEY is here to keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest terminology of the 21st century.


A term used to describe a young and hip kid. It is a word used frequently in the Philly area.

Example: “Brett is a young boul compared to his uncle Brad.”


A term used to prove someone wrong when they say you’re not going to do something. It can also can be used in context of agreeing with someone.

Example one: Proving wrong

Suzie: “Nancy, you won’t dye your hair purple.”

Nancy: “Oh yeah, Suzie? Bet.”

Example two: Agreeing

Suzie: “The weather is so beautiful in State College.”

Nancy: “Bet.”

Hot Minute

Slang for the word “awhile.”

Example: “I haven’t seen you in a hot minute!”


A term used to express excitement.

Example: “Victoria’s Secret is having a 7 for $27.50 panty party starting Monday.”

“omg yeet”


Another term to express feelings of excitement, or when something is fun.

Example: “That party was lit last night.”


Slang for going to bed.

Example: “Today was exhausting, I’m about to knock.”


When something makes one annoyed or irritated.

Example: “The dining hall ran out of soft pretzels as soon as I got there, I was so tight.”


A way to say you’re leaving a location. Leave = dip; Leaving = dipping

Example: *at graduation party* “After you finish your chicken, we’re dipping.”


An abbreviation for the word retweet. Used to show agreement with what someone says.

Example: “The Penn State football game against Iowa had me stressing to the max.”



When something is ugly.


A term to describe someone with a curvy figure who has a larger derrière and bigger thighs than average. Not used in a derogatory context, but a compliment in a way.

Example: “She’s not fat, she’s just a little thicc.”


A word used in place of any noun. Literally.

Example: “Oregon is a cool jawn.” “Have you found the cleaning jawn?” “That jawn is looking fine.”


To express seriousness.

Example: “Viktoria, I’m deadass going to drive five hours to come visit you this weekend.”


Slang for fresh, cool, or any synonyms of the kind.

Example: “Saquon Barkley is a saucy boy.”


Extra hype or excited !!!

Example: “I am so SICED for THON this year!”

These are only a few terms that have become increasingly popular among the millennials of our time — a.k.a. us. Hopefully, VALLEY did you a favor by expanding your vocabulary and guiding your mom in the process of understanding the definition of lit. Now that we are all on the same page, the only thing VALLEY has left to say is, get on our level, autocorrect!