Sexual Assault Through The Eyes Of A Male

Photo by Ann Li

Though it does happen, men typically don’t have to deal with a sexual assault experience in their lifetime as often when compared to women. As always, it’s hard to see a point of view that isn’t our own, and with a serious topic that sparks a lot of discussion, it’s something that needs to be addressed. Valley explains a male perspective on sexual assault, and why understanding a woman’s point-of-view is crucial to putting an end to this difficult topic.

We all know how severe sexual assault is, but if we all truly know the severity of it, then why does it continuously happen? This goes back to the golden rule that you were taught as a child: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Women show respect to men, so it shouldn’t be so difficult for men to treat other women as their equals, as opposed to an object that they feel free to take as they please.

Sexual assault is an ongoing problem at Penn State, and it probably doesn’t help if the only connection you have to the situation is an alert that goes to your phone. These PSU alerts happen so often that some people have now become apathetic to them. But, these brief texts should serve as a reminder to everyone that sexual assaults happens all too often, and that we need to start making a change.

If you could see the fear and tears in the eyes of these victims instead of a text on your phone, you may have more compassion for them. It may not mean much to a male, but when a female sees how often this happens to other females, it becomes terrifying. Now, when it’s dark outside and the streets are empty after 2 a.m., a man can walk home calmly and confidently without having to worry about anything. On the other hand, a woman has to rush home to safety with panic in her eyes and only the thought of those alerts on her mind.

Imagine being placed in a room with all your closest female friends and family. You would probably never think for a second about whether one of them has ever been sexually assaulted at some point in their lives, and they might not all admit to it. The odds are that at least one has faced sexual assault or harassment in some way.

If you want to have a better perspective on the impact sexual assault has on women, imagine your mother, sister, friend, or future wife and daughter mentioning to you that their vulnerability has been taken advantage of, or that someone, either a stranger or trusted friend, forced themselves upon her. The pain and sympathy that you feel for her isn’t even half of what they feel.

Sexual assault is a growing problem on college campuses, and often times it goes overlooked. It’s important to understand the way women feel on a daily basis in regards to their own safety, something men may not give a second thought to. Remember to treat women with the respect that you want to be treated with, and help put an end to sexual assault.