Scariest Pop Culture Moments of October

Posted by @grittynhl

While Halloween is known for its tricks and treats, the holiday is far from the scariest thing to happen this October. Over the past month, pop culture has been flooded with one scary moment after the next. VALLEY has put together a list of the scariest pop culture moments throughout this spooky season that may have had you screaming in laughter or terror.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grade’s Breakup

This whirlwind romance beginning this past May likely had you skeptical from the start. If the matching tattoos didn’t scare you enough, the engagement after a month of dating was sure to. Then Ariana Grande took it a step further by including a song on her latest album “Sweetener” called Pete Davidson. After all of these risky relationship moves, the couple was reported to be broken up on October 14.

David Schwimmer’s Look-Alike

Just last week in Blackpool, England, a photo went viral of a Ross look-alike suspected of robbery. Schwimmer was quick to comment on this case of mistaken identity, but it did not stop the string of “Friends”-related jokes shared across Twitter. How scary to think that someone who so closely resembles the beloved “Friends” character was committing robbery?

Kanye West

From the SNL rant to meeting Donald Trump in the oval office, we don’t know which was scarier. Kanye is entitled to his opinions, of course, but citing inaccurate historical information and failing to take proper medication for a diagnosed mental illness drives scary misinterpretations of our political climate.

Gritty, the Flyer’s New Team Mascot

Although Gritty was technically introduced at the end of September, the Philadelphia Flyers new team mascot deserves an honorable mention. Gritty has been receiving widespread public attention because he is just plain scary, with an orange fur body and staring googly eyes. Even worse, Gritty went after the Pittsburgh Penguins mascot on social media tweeting “sleep with one eye open tonight, bird.” Scary to say the least.

Megyn Kelly

On a more serious note, the comments made by Megyn Kelly on her NBC talk show were scarily ignorant. Last week, Kelly defended the use of black face during Halloween in front of a live audience. Despite her apology following the incident, NBC announced that the host will not be returning to “Megyn Kelly Today.”

This wide range of October scares proves that costumes and haunted houses are no longer the scariest aspects of the Halloween season. The dynamic nature of pop culture is sure to provide a good scare once and a while.


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