Roommate Relationships

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One of the toughest things about being in college is having roommates, and it is especially hard when your roommate has a significant other. Things can definitely get tricky. You know the saying “everyone’s got a story,” well, in this case, it’s true. I want to share some of my own roommate experiences to help you through your struggles, and maybe have a laugh or two.

It started last year as a freshman like most things do. I came from South Carolina to a completely different state and a completely random roommate to match. We were just different people. We didn’t become BFFs like I thought we would. That’s okay, it happens; however, it was not okay that she had her boyfriend over every night, or that he would randomly be in my room … by himself … when I got out of the shower.

If you’re the one with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is nice to consider what your roommate will be doing when you bring someone to the room. Send your roommate a text to see if it is a good time or not because you can avoid the awkwardness of your roommate walking in with only a towel on while you guys are making out—it’s weird for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, having a roommate doesn’t stop once you leave the dorms. Even if you a have your own room—like I do now—I still share an apartment with three other girls, and let me tell you, college apartment complex walls are thin.

Luckily, the roommate I share a wall with has a boyfriend from home so he only visits on random weekends, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still issues. A couple Fridays ago, my roommate was out of town for the night and her boyfriend came up to spend the rest of the weekend with her. No big deal. He came in late and slept in her room and she would be home the next morning.

Before I got in bed that night, I went to the bathroom and was greeted by a toilet full of pubic hair. Now we can all appreciate a bit of manscaping, but if you are a visitor, make sure you flush. That wasn’t the end of the weekend, either. I went to work the next day at Giant grocery store, and, coincidentally, my roommate and her boyfriend needed some food.

She picked my checkout line because that was the first time she had seen me that day and I happily scanned her food.  Then, I not so happily rang up her boyfriends order. It was only two items: a snack and a box of condoms.

My last bit of advice: If you are going to buy condoms, don’t buy them from your roommate … or your girlfriend’s roommate.

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