Ring in the New Year on the Silver Screen

The month of December brings a lot of Christmas themes to our lives: radio stations dedicated to Christmas tunes, store aisles full of Christmas decorations and channels playing Christmas movies on repeat. When the holiday ends, so comes a return to the regularly scheduled programming.

Rather than turn off the holiday movies entirely, VALLEY has some festive films to help switch from “Christmas Vacation” to ringing in 2018.

“New Year’s Eve”

This one is a go-to favorite. The 2011 movie, by the same production company and director as 2010’s “Valentine’s Day,” revolves around the events leading up to the ball drop in Times Square. The movie takes the point-of-view of each character at different points in their night, which creates romance, comedy and heartfelt moments.

“I love “New Year’s Eve,” specifically because of how all of the different stories sort of blend together in the end,” says Alexis Ahmed, a sophomore studying journalism. “It’s a different story … not the typical ‘finding love for New Year’s’ story.”

From a teenage girl trying to get her first kiss at midnight to a cancer patient wishing to see the ball drop one last time to technical problems with the ball drop itself, this top choice for New Year’s Eve-inspired movies has a little something for everyone.

“When Harry Met Sally”

The timeline of “When Harry Met Sally” is far different from that of “New Year’s Eve.” Rather than the entirety of the film’s events taking place within a few hours, the story begins in 1977 and ends ten years later. The movie revolves around Harry Burns and Sally Albright, two people who evolve their mutual dislike for one another into a friendship.

The film has two scenes that take place on New Year’s Eve in two different years. One New Year’s party ends in confusion on both sides as they grapple with their attraction to one another while simultaneously not wanting to ruin their friendship. It isn’t until the following year’s party that they come to their conclusion on the matter.

Whether you’re spending time with a romantic interest this New Year’s Eve, or just in need of a classic romantic comedy, look no further.

“Bridget Jones’ Diary”

If the myth that New Year’s Eve is an indication of how your year will go, Bridget Jones should have had a pretty rough 12 months. Bridget’s New Year’s plans, which involve drinking alone while listening to “SAD FM: Easy Listening for the Over Thirties,” spur her decision to start a diary and, as she says, “take control of [her] life.”

The New Year’s Eve scene is first in the movie, setting up the plot rather than creating an iconic final scene as in “When Harry Met Sally.” The scene itself and the movie that ensues describes an all-too-familiar thought process surrounding the holiday. Bridget’s clear-cut goals (lose 20 pounds, find a boyfriend, etc.) and attempts to achieve them, make a perfect New Year’s movie for the chronic self-improver.

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