Return To The Hundred Acre Woods: “Christopher Robin” Will Bring You To Tears

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If you haven’t already seen the new “Winnie the Pooh” movie, “Christopher Robin,” it is a must! Although this may seem like a children’s movie, “Christopher Robin” is no “Despicable Me” or “Frozen.” If anything, this movie is more for adults. The storyline tells the tale of an older Christopher Robin who has lost his youthful spirit until he reunites with his old friend Pooh. You watch Christopher Robin go from not having a care in the world to losing himself in the world of adulthood. Toward the end, however, when his world turns to grey, this silly old bear brings back all the color in his life.

As we are all in college planning our careers and constantly on the go, watching this movie allows you to revisit what it’s like to play pretend, enjoy the simple things in life, and feel what it is like to be a child again. It’s humbling to watch knowing that you can’t take your youth for granted — even now living “the best four years of your life,” you must cherish every moment. The end message of this movie demonstrates how fantastic doing nothing can be. This is something we all take granted as we are always on-the-go and no longer living in the moment. We become obsessed with picking the perfect career, proving ourselves on social media and spreading ourselves too thin. This movie shows how if you take a second to slow down and maybe play pretend you can discover something about yourself that you may have lost or forgotten.

“Christopher Robin” will melt your heart, bring you to tears, and make you smile. Watching Pooh make simple little jokes and say things only a child would say will make you miss your imaginary friend, your stuffed animal collection, and making forts out your couch cushions. While some of us grew up watching these furry little guys play in The Hundred Acre Woods, the movie will allow you to truly connect with your inner child and bring back those silly memories we all had as kids. The soundtrack of this movie is something that is truly special. Every song, instrumental and lyric is so mystical that it will take you back to when leaping over a puddle was crossing the Nile river, playing with sticks was sword fighting a pirate, and drinking water with your stuffed animals was having a tea party with the queen of England.

One last take-away from this movie is that you aren’t as far away from your childhood as you think. Although a bit harder to remove ourselves from reality, we all still have the ability to invent and imagine our wildest dreams. Growing up is exciting as well as getting into the real world, but we were all children once and it’s important not to forget that.

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