Retro Gets An Update

ShreelParikh.RetroAs we all know, trends come and go faster than the revolving door at the library. But before you completely update your wardrobe and move onto the latest trend, don’t forget about those outdated clothes hiding in your closet. In fact, 2013 is all about sporting updated retro looks!

Watch any movie from the 80s and we guarantee that you’ll notice a few of today’s trends. Long gone are the days of low-rise jeans. Now, it’s all about the high waist again!

High waisted shorts, jeans and skirts are the new staples in everyone’s closet. They come in tons of bright colors and different materials, like denim, lace and leather. High waisted shorts and shrunken crop tops are a hit for the summer. The high waist trend is even influencing bathing suits. Retro high waisted bathing suit bottoms paired with a cute polka dot bikini top will have you feeling like a 40s pinup girl!

Fast-forward a few decades and 90s grunge days are also back in style. Time for the oversized button downs, band t-shirts, beanies and denim jackets. Dr. Martens boots are also making a comeback, only now the boots have a modern twist. Check out a pair in floral and patent leather.

Yet another era that we can thank for some of the retro fashion of today is the 60s. Get groovy with tie-dye t-shirts and round lens glasses. That’s right; John Lennon glasses have been revamped for a whole new generation. And if round glasses are quite for you, try a pair of cat eye sunglasses instead.

With so many vintage trends to love, we stopped by Urban Outfitters to get their take on retro looks that are new again this season. Kate Klutz, sales associate, says, “The 90s business look is back in style, but it’s all about being classy. Also, a lot of older stuff has a loose fit, so adding tighter fit pieces will make it more modern.”

So you may want to think twice before scrapping your outdated clothes at the end of every season. Spring 2013’s trends remind us that you never know when they’ll come back in style!


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