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Have you ever watched a rom-com movie and immediately made it your entire personality afterward? (Anyone who says no is lying.) Whether you listened to the soundtrack on repeat or daydreamed about experiencing the main character moments yourself, there’s no shame in letting a movie influence you in more ways than one.

With the weather finally starting to feel nice in State College, take some fashion inspiration from some of VALLEY’s favorite rom-com stars to transform your spring wardrobe.

Lara Jean from “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”
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As a lover of rom-coms herself, Lara Jean wears a mixture of eclectic, vintage clothing with sophisticated modern pieces. Her wardrobe, as author of the book series Jenny Han explains, is based on her personality. “Lara Jean is such a throwback kind of a character. She’s somebody that’s very romantic and is kind of in love with the idea of days past and the romance of olden times…Her personal style is kind of vintage. It’s feminine, but kind of sporty. She is a more introverted, internal person, and I think her clothes are a way for her to show that ‘this is me.’”

This look is perfect for those spring days when you want to take a long walk around the most picturesque parts of campus (and maybe write some love letters while you’re at it too).

Lara Jean has some of the cutest outfits in this classic Netflix trilogy.

Collage by Nicole Rogosky

Pink Bomber Jacket (Lulus, $68)

Dress (ASOS, $37.20)

Boots (MissGuided, $49)

Scrunchies (SHEIN, $4)

Young Donna from “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again”
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Even if you can’t pack up your bags and move to Greece, who says you can’t dress like it? Young Donna Sheridan, played by Lily James in “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again” wears 70’s-style boho outfits that will instantly get you in the mood for warm weather. Feel like a true “dancing queen” with some of Donna’s best pieces, like denim paired with a butterfly necklace.

Collage by Nicole Rogosky

Overalls (H&M, $39.99)

Yellow Top (Cider, $19.00)

Butterfly Necklace(Forever21, $12.99)

Anna Scott from “Notting Hill”
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If you are just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her (get the reference?), then you’ll want to learn how to recreate Julia Roberts’ iconic leather 90s look from “Notting Hill.” Once you’ve got the head-to-toe attire down, head over to Webster’s and hope to run into a Hugh Grant lookalike. Maybe skip the orange juice spill.

Collage by Nicole Rogosky

Leather Jacket (Zara, $89)

Black Jeans (Abercrombie, $39.99)

Beret (ASOS, $14.50)

Shoes (Vans, $65)

Cher from “Clueless”
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The outfits in “Clueless” are one of the best parts of the film— Cher herself had 60 costume changes during the movie! Despite being made in the 90s, this film and its fashion remain a staple to this day. Costume designer Mona May made a huge impact on fashion in the 90s, straying away from the “grunge” look and creating an entirely new style full of different colors and patterned miniskirts. An article from The Kit simply explains that May’s characters “weren’t afraid to look like they had tried.” Even today, people are still dressing up as Cher and Dionne for Halloween, and sneaker brand K-Swiss released a Clueless-inspired collection. If you want to feel “totally buggin’,” try recreating this look! 

Photo by Nicole Rogosky

Blazer Jacket (Abercrombie, $140)

Skirt (Dolls Kill, $30.40)

White Shirt (Dolls Kill, $28)

Socks (Urban Outfitters, $16)

Andi from “Pretty in Pink”
Molly Ringwald Opens Up About Her "Pretty in Pink" Prom Dress | Teen Vogue
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In John Hughes’ classic movie, Molly Ringwald’s unique fashion is full of polka dots, floral prints, textures and hats in true 80s style. The most memorable outfit of them all? The homemade prom dress, which you can recreate with this modernized version. It’s perfect for spring!

Photo by Nicole Rogosky

Dress (Revolve, $295)

Floral Pants Set (Urban Outfitters, $99)

Blue Sweater (Missguided, $16)

Hat (Norstrom Rack, $16.83)

Broach (Anthropologie, $59.95)

Which look are you going to create? Tag us on Instagram @VALLEYMag so we can repost your rom-com inspired look!


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