Pick of the Week: Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama

This morning I woke up from a nightmare I won’t soon be able to shake: I had gone out in public, but get this – my eyebrows were NOT on fleek.

Whether this nightmare sticks with me because it was so horrifying or because it was just stupid is beside the point. If we really want to get into the nitty-gritty of this one and do some Freudian-approved dream analysis, we first need to take a step back and ask why, both in real life and in my dream, leaving the house without perfectly sculpted brows is now a non-negotiable.

Personally, I come from the class of ladies who gave up on their eyebrows long ago aside from the occasional plucking session, not because I’m going for the full-browed, Cara Delevingne look, but because a.) waxing hurts and costs money, and b.) I’m really only concerned with avoiding a uni-brow. In my mind, when it comes to eyebrows, the goal is to avoid looking like a caveman. Plain and simple.

But when it comes to the rest of my beauty routine, I’m not exactly what you would call a minimalist. In fact, if you ever got a glimpse of my beauty arsenal, you’d probably write me off as a little too high-maintenance for my own good. Yet for some reason, even after I take the extra few minutes to blot and reapply my lipstick exactly three times (it’s the magic number, ladies), my brows always get the short end of the glamor-stick.

Enter: Maybelline’s Eyestudio Brow Drama eyebrow mascara.

According to Maybelline’s website, this is “why you’ll love it”:

Our first brow mascara to make brows dramatically bold and sculpted in two easy steps! Only with our tinted Sculpting Gel + Sculpting Ball Brush. Provides a natural and even colored finish. Zero clumps! Comfortable to wear.

I don’t really care why Maybelline thinks I’ll love their product, and I don’t think you do either because, duh, advertising is lies, and I don’t really use that many exclamation marks when describing my new favorite beauty product. Instead, I’ll give it to you straight and let my totally fabulous brows do the talking.

First of all, I’m going to preface this by admitting I still happen to identify with those who keep their eyebrow maintenance to the perfunctory pluck for all the same reasons I listed before. Except now I can shape my eyebrows into what I can only describe as perfectly shaped caterpillar arches (hawt, amiright?), and they will stay that way. All day.

After using Brow Drama for the first time, my makeup looked cleaner, my selfies looked sharper and bathroom touch-ups were much less painful. As someone who really didn’t see the value of a defined and well-kept brow, I’ve become a believer that the basics for a Saturday night out or a Sunday afternoon in are concealer, blush and eyebrow mascara.

Maybelline’s secret formula for flawless brows is a dash of gel for shaping and a customized tint that matches your brow color to create the illusion of thicker, darker brows. Application is as easy, if not easier than applying mascara, without the added risk of stabbing yourself in the eye. Simply swipe the sphere-shaped brush in an upward motion along the length of your brow, then run your finger over the top edge of your brow to smooth the hairs into your desired arch.

Never again will you have to face the nightmare of great makeup fouled by a bad eyebrow, because let’s face it, eyebrows can make or break a face. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline – but no one really cares because dang, her eyebrows be on fleek. And now yours can be, too, all thanks to Eyestudio Brow Drama.



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