Penn State’s Most Awesome Classes

CocoCheng.CoolClasses (1)When scheduling rolls around, the seats of some courses fill up way before your scheduling date. Why the popularity? Here are some classes that may fill up fast, but if you ever get the chance, they’re worth the wait.


KINES 077- Yoga I

This class is the perfect offset to a busy schedule. It focuses on using yoga as a solution to stress, muscular tightness and skeletal alignment. In Yoga I you’ll learn a series of breathing and mediation techniques that relax both the body and mind. Yoga is designed to target all areas of one’s well-being, the perfect tool for self-improvement. The qualities learned in Yoga I can be used for a lifetime.

HORT 352-Flower Arranging

There’s not much to say about the art of flower arranging other than it’s a beautiful talent and skill most people wish they had. Flower arrangements are both a sign of appreciation and love. Designing flower arrangements takes both patience and skill, but there is never a better time to learn.

HRIM 311- Wine Appreciation

If you love wine making, this course is for you. In HRIM 331, students learn topics such as grape cultivation, wine making and wine lists. You also get to learn about wine production all around the world and the wine industry. Of course, you need to be 21 years old to register.

KINES 013- First Aid, Personal Safety, and CPR

Imagine leaving a course at Penn State knowing you could help save someone’s life. KINES 013 is just that. The course studies Community First Aid and Safety and Infant and Child CPR. Students learn decision-making skills and knowledge in emergency situations, how to administer CPR and how to help before help arrives. Procedures are taught for both adults and children, as well as conscious and unconscious victims. Certification is through the American Red Cross. To earn certification in each area, objective test must be passed with a score of 80% or higher. This course is something everyone should take because you never know what may happen at what time. Certification in these areas looks outstanding on a resume in any field. It could also help you land a summer babysitting or lifeguarding job.

CSD 218- American Sign Language I

Sign language is probably one of the most fascinating languages out there. Sadly, not enough people can communicate with sign language. Whether there’s someone deaf in your life or not, learning this language is beneficial because you never know who you will meet. ASL will increase with who and how you can communicate. The great thing about this course is that anyone interested in learning can take it and there are several sections available each semester.

INART 115- The Popular Arts in America; Popular Music

If you’re looking for an easy GA, INART 115 is the course to choose. The material is perfect for an online course and it’s also very interesting. It focuses on the popular music and artists of blues, jazz, country, mainstream pop and rock and roll. No previous music experience is necessary because the class focuses on a social and cultural approach.

PHIL 014- The Philosophy of Love and Sex

Love and sex are often topics discussed too frequently. If you think love and sex is complicated now, taking this course will introduce you to concepts you never anticipated. The Philosophy of Love and Sex is a lecture everyone should try to take if given the chance. It is something everyone should become more knowledge about and may benefit personal relationships with yourself and with others. “It definitely puts the ideas of love and sex into totally different views from what the average college student would view them as, which keep the class extremely interesting,” says Marissa Giuliano.

THEA 100- The Art of the Theatre

People swear this course is the best course ever created. If you have ever desired to experience life in the theatre as an artist, take it. It’s more than an GA credit, but an opportunity to dive into an atmosphere that’s incomparable.


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